Festive Friday: Fish and Chips and a Quadruple Feature!

Advent Day 19 Festive Friday Fish & Chips & A Quadruple Feature

Festive Friday
Fish and Chips and a Quadruple Feature
Everyone’s home from school by now. It’s time to stay up late and go to town!
Tonight, we’ll pick up some fish and chips from our favourite local shop.
[Although, if you’re interested in DIYing dinner, check out our Calamari and our Fries with Feta from March BreACK! 2014]
And we’ll stay up late and watch four British Spy Movies / World War II Thrillers
The kids love the heroic feel of these movies…Strange or no, these films put them right in the Christmas Spirit:

Pimpernel Smith (1940) features Leslie Howard as a “bumbling” professor who, along with his best students, attempts to get some key intellectuals away from the Nazis.  In the pre-war Q-Planes a.k.a. Clouds Over Europe (1939), Laurence Olivier and Valerie Hobson try to figure out who is trying to steal British War Planes and fall for each other in the process. In the 49th Parallel (1941), Olivier and Howard both make an appearance in a story about a Nazi U-Boat whose inhabitants attempt to avoid internment by fleeing Canada and entering the then-neutral United States. Finally, The Spy in Black (1939) features Miss Hobson as a shrewd counter spy trying to affect the destiny of a German Submarine hidden off of the Orkney Isles during the first World War. It’s a WWI movie with the burgeoning Second World War in mind.
psmith qpl 49th spyblack

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