Sketch-It Sunday: Read and Illustrate Much Ado About Nothing, Acts I-III

Advent Day 14 Sketch-It Sunday Read and Illustrate Much Ado About Nothing Acts I-III

Sketch-It Sunday
Read and Illustrate Much Ado About Nothing, Acts I-III

You didn’t think we’d go without reading and illustrating Shakespeare during Advent, did you? After 2012’s Winter’s Tale and 2013’s As You Like It, and March Break’s adapted Bearicles, you couldn’t possible have thought we’d go without?  Of course, we’re back!  And we’re in fighting shape!

Today, our own Beatrice finally gets her heart’s desire!  Today, we’ll read the first two and a half acts of Much Ado About Nothing. And we’ll draw our illustrations of our favourite lines, scenes, and characters from the text!  The kids are already super-familiar with the story. And, since school’s out, we have more time to devote to Shakespeare and absolutely none to homework!

Kids a little young to read Shakespeare? Try screening a portion of a filmed version and reading along before you get out your pencils! Or try listening to an Mp3 and sketching straight away!!  Bea and Toby are just itching to get their hands on a copy of the David Tennant and Catherine Tate Much Ado a.k.a. in our house as The Dr. Who Ado!! [Okay, kids, cat’s out of the bag. It’s Taken Care Of!] Apparently, this comes in an mp3 version as well!  Other related flicks are the recent Joss Whedon Much Ado (we saw that a few summers ago!) and the Kenneth Branaugh version from the 1990’s. The Charles and Mary Lamb Tales from Shakespeare also provides a lovely precis.

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