Spooky Silhouette Window Clings

Spooky Silhouette Window Clings

This summer, the kids made some seriously awesome Stained Glass Window Clings for their bedrooms. And, we vowed we’d make some again when Halloween rolled around. So, here we are, folks, Spooky Silhouette Window Clings!

Spooky Silhouette Window Clings Kids DIY
Spooky Silhouette Window Clings

Clear Contact Paper [they often sell this in the dollar store as a material for making “book covers”]
Washable Marker
Silhouette templates [below] or Halloween images of your choosing
Medium Grade Sand Paper [optional]
Black Acrylic Paint
Plates or Paint Palettes
Cups of Water
Rags for drying brushes/general clean up

Cut contact paper into 8.5×11 rectangles or to the size of your liking.
Use a search-engine like Google to find “Free Halloween Silhouettes” or use the templates below as models for your window-clings.
OPTIONAL: Print these images on plain paper and cut out the silhouettes.
OPTIONAL: Sand contact paper sheets with a quick, steady rub of medium grade sand paper and dust off bits of residue.
OPTIONAL: Place the cut silhouette onto the contact paper and trace around the cut silhouette with washable marker.
Use black acrylic paint and a thin paintbrush to paint the “outlines” of your image onto the clear contact paper.
Next, fill in the outlines with more black paint.
Allow the window clings to dry completely.
Use scissors to cut around the outside edges of the painted design.
Peel the backing of the contact paper from the design and apply to a clean window, careful to tamp down any air pockets that may form.
Turn on the lights in the house and wait until dark for your spooky shadows to appear!!

The Process
Spooky Collage

Printable Templates
bat silhouette printable catsilhouetteprintable crowsilhouetteprintable mousesilhouetteprintable spidersilhouetteprintable owlsilhouetteprintable

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