A Little Evening Gardening: Planting Spring Bulbs

A little evening gardening PLANTING SPRING BULBS

I’ve been looking for opportunities to get outside with the kids in the evenings after school in order to shake off the cares of the day and to cure the sniffles [seems everyone has “the cold”].  Now “getting outside” doesn’t always require play or vigorous exercise. Sometimes, gardening is the best medicine!

So, yesterday, thinking that we’d like to have something to look forward to next Spring, we knocked yet another item off of our Fall 2014 Love-to-Do List.  We planted about a dozen or so double white Ice King daffodil / narcissus bulbs in the back garden.

Planting spring bulbs is a downright kid-friendly affair.  All you need to have the kids do is to dig a 6 to 12 inch hole in the ground, drop a bulb in with the pointy side up, re-cover the bulb with soil, and water.  If you set out to plant no more than 10 or 12 bulbs in one go, the kids will stay engaged and active the entire time. A cup of hot chocolate or tea right afterwards extends the family “zen” for a good half hour at least.

For us, the whole project took maybe twenty minutes, tops. We all felt a little more at ease when we came in to wash our hands and put the kettle on.

Now, of course, the kids are learning the virtue of patience. Those Ice Kings won’t make their appearance for a good six months at least!

Spring Bulbs

What do you do to shake off the day?

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