Easy Locker Magnets

Easy Locker Magnets from thelunchboxseason
Bea is attending a new school this year. And, for the first time, she has a locker.  To make her feel comfortable, I thought it might be a good idea to give her a few pictures of her favourite friends, stuffies, and animals to post inside her new space. While I struck out trying to source magnetic picture frames at our local dollar store, I did find 6×9 sheets of adhesive magnets meant for mounting photographs and notepads.  So, after photoshopping a couple of images to my liking, I printed them out on glossy photo paper, cut them, applied them to those magnetic sheets, and trimmed them with a decent pair of scissors. Now, Bea can take her friends and family with her to her new school…if only to lock us up for the majority of the day!



Adhesive Magnetic Sheets
Scissors or an Exacto Knife

Print small photographs on glossy or matte photo paper.
Trim them to size, or cut around a specific image, shape or face.
Place the trimmed photographs face up on the top of the paper lining of the adhesive magnetic sheet.
Cut around the photographs with scissors or an exacto knife, trimming the magnetic sheet to size.
Remove the paper lining on the adhesive magnetic sheet and carefully attach this sticky magnet to the back of the photograph.
Smooth the photograph against the surface of the magnet.
Slap the photo-magnet onto the inside of your locker door!


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