The Kids Take on Surrealist Collage

The Kids Take On Surrealist Collage
On Saturday evening, we had the pleasure of attending a one-night-only pop-up show of the collages of artist, poet, and family friend, Ludwig Zeller.  We travelled over to Bathurst and Dupont to take part in the launch of The Year of the Quiet Sun, a project of Someone Editions, a small letterpress operation in Toronto.  We found the Annex Art Centre lined with Zeller’s surrealist collages. These were all works in which he took various images from 19th-century engravings and mounted them on fine paper to create his own mesmerizing invitations to dream.  In the next little while, the folks at are going to use their letterpress to combine some of the best of these collagees [though it would be difficult to determine which is best] with excerpts from Zeller’s poetry, creating a series of 3 fine art prints. They are funding this project via an indiegogo campaign.

Newsletter Invite for Pop-Up Show Someone Editions

While the kids have had the opportunity to meet Ludwig and to hear him read his poetry before, and while they’ve seen a small sampling of his work in various peoples’ homes, they had never been able to take so much in at one time, or to compare the collages with one another.  Their favourite, by far, was, “It Happened Yesterday, with the Tapir” [with Bea, below], although many of the prints with “Tigers” whose stomachs were filled with various other objects also caught their attention.


And so, at home, the best kind of madness began. The kids decided that they wanted to raid some of Blaise’s old dictionaries and encyclopaedias [that we keep around for just such purposes] and create their own collages.  They used scissors, a perforation tool, and, with help, exacto knives on rubber mats, to cut out the images they chose from our old books. Then, they placed and glued their cut-outs onto large pieces of watercolour paper.   For a second round of collage, the kids decided to add ink to their pages to complement their cut-outs.

Here’s the work in progress:
Surrealist Collage

And, here are the results:

Collage #1: Watercolour Paper and Vintage Reference Materials

Bisha's Collage 1

Toby's Collage 1

Collage #2: Watercolour Paper, Vintage Reference Materials, and Ink

Bisha Collage 2 final

Toby Collage 2

And here’s what Papa made:
the one that papa did

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  1. A. F. Moritz June 13, 2014 at 11:20 am #

    This is delightful!

  2. Veronica June 13, 2014 at 5:30 pm #

    How cool is that!! Check out the Indiegogo site for Year of the Quiet Sun!