Make This Mini Photo Book!

This is a mini photo book 2
That’s Right! 

This is a Mini Photo Book with a Full Page of Kids' Art & a Full Page of Kids' Photos! Learn how to make it at the lunchbox season

And you can make one, too!

Over the holidays, I decided that I wanted to have a little photo book of the kids and their artwork to carry around and to adore. So, not long after Christmas, I made this 1.83 x 2.83-in Mini Photo Book, pulling portraits of the kids from our annual Favourite Photo Christmas Ornament files, and pics of their artwork from the best of our Family Advent Calendar Crafts from 2013, particularly the Masters Series and their illustrations of The Winter’s Tale. This little gem is only printed on plain white paper! And the cover pages were merely snipped from an old patterned greeting card I had lying around. So, sure, it’s not meant to be particularly durable. But, it is light!  And, it slides quite easily in and out of  that secret card-slot in my wallet.  Moreover, it was a breeze to whip up – so I could easily make another when it gets worn out.

Here are all the pics I’ve hidden inside!
Mini Book Art Side  Kids Fave Photo Ornament Page

Want to make one? Here’s a pretty simple tutorial and a free template to download to help you on your way.

Mini-Photo-Book DIY

Your Own Digital Images
Blank Grid Image [Below]
Computer & Colour Photo Printer
1-2 pages nice white 8.5 x 11 paper
Cardstock or Discarded Greeting Cards


1. Back Side of Easy Mini-Photo Book Layout
On a sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper, print a series of 18 1.8 x 2.8 (max size) photos in 18 1.83 x 2.83 quadrants on the page.
2.  This will be the back side of your photo book.
[Feel free to download the Blank Grid Image at the very bottom of this post  and use it as a template in your own photo editing software, or in a free online program such as ipiccy. Within the photo editing program, you can upload and open up the blank grid image, and use the “blender” functionality to upload and add family pictures or pictures of artwork to each rectangle. Then, simply save and print on plain paper. When printing, be sure to “Scale to Fit” so as to “Fill the Entire Paper,” so that you can fold your paper on the pre-printed grid-lines without having to do any trimming.]
3.Front Side of Mini-Photo-Book Layout
Flip the paper over, and print 16 photos in 1.83 x 2.83 quadrants, leaving the upper-left and lower-right hand corners blank.
4.  This will be the front side of your photo book.
5.Front Side Vertical Folding Pattern for Mini-Photo BOok
Fold 5!  With the front side in landscape formation facing you, fold the paper horizontally into an accordion pattern, making 5 folds which separate six sections. The centre and two outside folds should be pointing towards you. The two folds in-between should be pointing away from you.
6. Front Side Horizontal Folding Pattern for the Mini Photo Book
With the front side of the accordion book facing you, such that the blank/title quadrant from the upper-right hand corner of the front page is on the top of three quadrants, fold the upper and middle quadrant so that the fold is pointing towards you. Fold the middle and lower quadrant so that the fold is pointing away from you.
7.  Use a folding bone or a stiff ruler to make all of the folds tight and flat.
8.  Cut 2 rectangles measuring 1.83 x 2.83 out of plain or patterned card stock or left-over greeting cards.
9.  Unfold your mini book so that the front side faces you.
10.  Paste these two rectangles on the empty quadrants in the upper-left and lower-right hand corners of the front side of the book.
11. If desired, cut out some plain paper printed or lettered with the title of your book and paste these on the cover pages.
12.  Refold the book.
13.  Set between a set of heavy books or weights for a few hours to set the folds.
14.  Slide the mini photo book into your wallet or purse, and take it out in secret, or in front of all of your family and friends! And, enjoy!
Creating the Mini Photo Book

Feel Free to Copy / Download this Blank Grid Image [jpeg]:

Use this 8.5 x 11 image as a template for your mini-photo-album. just upload it into your favourite photo software editing program and add your own images to the grid. Then print, fold, and add covers as directed.

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