March breACK! 2014: Illustrate-Your-Own-Books, Bearicles, Act Five

Illustrate your own books bearicles act v
Today, the kids illustrate the fifth and final instalment of our March breACK! 2014 masterpiece, our transformation of Shakespeare’s Pericles. Today, the kids will not only illustrate scenes from our Play of Bearicles, they will also design a book cover or a poster advertising the production of our play.

Summary, The Play of Bearicles, Prince of Tyre, Act V
The ghost of our turtle-poet Gower arrives to set the scene: Bearicles’s ship has docked in Myteline (Lesbos, Greece). The governor, Lysimachus, has heard tales of the sad Prince on board, who is said to wander the Mediterranean out of grief.  On the docks, Lysimachus quizzes Helicanus, Bearicles’s friend. He learns that Bearicles is so sad about the loss of his wife and child that he no longer speaks!! Lysimachus describes a beauteous maid of his acquaintance who is well-known for her singing and speeches. He asks permission to bring her to Bearicles to help revive his spirits. Marina boards the ship and sings to the Prince. When this brings no relief, she begins to tell Pericles about her own sorrows. As she talks, he recognizes signs of his wife-bear in the girl and asks her to continue her tale of woe. Pericles soon confirms that this beautiful bear-maid is his own long-lost daughter!  And, of course he is angered to hear of the cruel treatment of Queen Dionyza, promising revenge. So astonished by his luck in finding his daughter in his paws again, Bearicles passes out on a pillow.  He has a vision of the Bear-Goddess Diana, who implores him to go and celebrate his good fortune by making an offering at Diana’s shrine on the isle of Ephesus. Bearicles sets off for Ephesus with his friends, his daughter bear, and Lysimachus, who has finally confessed his love for Marina and has asked for her “paw” in marriage.  On Ephesus, Bearicles and his entourage visit the temple of Diana. When his wife Thaisa sees him there, she faints before she can tell her story. At last, the family is reunited. Gower closes the play with best wishes for one and all.

The Kids’ Finished Play Ads:
So, the kids got so invested in the idea of making an advertisement for a play of Bearicles that they dropped all of their other plans for illustration and got to work on these last two pieces.
Bea's Poster for Bearicles
T's last illustration

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