March breACK! 2014: Illustrate-Your-Own-Books, Bearicles, Act Four


Summary, The Play of Bearicles, Prince of Tyre Act IV
The Ghost of the Turtle-Poet Gower once again rises from the sea, informing us that fourteen years have passed since we saw our Bearicles or his wee cub Marina: On Tarsus, Marina has been raised in high style by Cleon and Dionyza. She’s the talk of the town: the perfect singer, seamstress, embroiderer and gardener. In fact, Marina is such a beloved object of the bears of Tarsus that the Queen despairs: must her own daughter, Philotene, forever remain in Marina’s shadow?  Jealous, Dionyza pays her servant Leonine to kill Marina.  On a walk along the shore, Leonine brandishes a weapon, and Marina pleads for her honour. Before Leonine is able to accomplish his bloody task, however, a band of pirate-bears comes and cub-naps Marina. Leonine returns to the queen and tells her that Marina is dead.  The king and queen erect a monument to Marina in the city centre. When Bearicles arrives to bring his daughter home with him, he is devastated to learn of his daughter’s demise. He vows never to trim his fur or groom himself again. Meanwhile, on the island of Myteline (Lesbos/Greece), Panda and Bawdybear, the owners of a “public house on the wrong side of town” are looking to purchase a new “serving wench” as a slave for their establishment.The pirates sell Marina to them for a thousand gold coins. The price is high, but once their ad-man Bolt spreads word about the beautiful new bear-maid, they are hoping that their pub will get more business.  All the bear-gallants in town are drawn to visit the pub to see Marina. However, she’s  such an example of virtuousness that once they talk to her, they become disgusted with themselves and with the deplorable conditions of the Pub, fleeing to the nearest house of worship to confess their sins!  Panda and Bawdybear are starting to complain about Marina as a “waste of money” when the mayor of Ephesus, in disguise, enters to have a look at their new slave. After talking with her for a while, Lysomachus realizes that Marina is nobly born, and that she shouldn’t be living in such a dirty old place as the old pub. He gives her several paw-fulls  of gold and promises to help her. Marina, in turn, gives her gold to Bolt, promising more coins just like it if he and the rest of the pub crew help her to find a nice artist’s studio in a brighter, prettier part of town.  There, she can teach music, drawing, and fine embroidery. Panda and Bawdybear, anxious to make back the money they have lost, finally agree.

The Kids’ Completed Illustrations

Bea: Marina at her nurse’s grave, Cleon and Dionyza at Marina’s monument

Bea's Marina at Lychorida's Grave
Bea's Marina's Monument

Toby: Bearicles Sails to Tarsus with an Entourage, Bearicles Mourns at Marina’s Supposed Grave

T bearicles in transit
T's marina monument

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