March breACK! 2014: Illustrate-Your-Own-Books, Bearicles, Act Three

We’re almost half-way through March breACK! 2014!  Today, the kids will continue to illustrate our Shakespeare’s Pericles, transformed: The Play of Bearicles, Prince of Tyre

Summary: The Play of Bearicles, Prince of Tyre, Act III
Gower, the Turtle-Ghost, rises from the sea once more to catalogue the further trials and tribulations of Bearicles:  Several months have passed since Bearicles married Princess Thaisa of Pentapolis [Greece]. News arrives from Tyre [Lebanon].  Bearicles’s good friend Helicanus reports that the evil Antiochus and his daughter-bear were struck and killed by a freak lightning storm. This means that Antiochus’s bounty hunter will no longer seek Bearicles, and he can return home!  He must return to Tyre! The citizen-bears have become restless and are urging Helicanus to govern the land himself if Bearicles does not come back soon. Therefore, Bearicles and his wife, Thaisa, board a ship and start the voyage back to Tyre.  But the stormy seas wreak havoc once again.  Thaisa gives birth to a girl-cub, Marina. However, it looks as if Thaisa has died in cub-birth. Since Bearicles’s superstitious sailboat-bears think that it’s bad luck to travel with the dead, they encourage Bearicles to throw Thaisa’s body into the sea. He orders the sailor-bears to bring him a box in which he lays his wife, several bags of spices, a box of jewels, and a letter to whomever finds her, begging the finder to give his dead queen bear a proper burial. The sad bears throw the box into the raging sea.  Bearicles then asks the sailor-bears to make a stop at Tarsus [Turkey] on his way to Tyre.  Thinking that a longer sea-voyage would harm his child, he leaves his baby bear cub in the “good paws” of King Cleon and Queen Dionyza, who promise to bring her up with their own daughter bear.  Meanwhile, on the isle of Ephesus [Greece], Lord Cerimon, his friends and servants discover a box with the “corpse” of a queen inside. Cerimon, who moonlights as the local doctor, revives Thaisa and restores her to life.  Reading her husband’s letter, and assuming that there is no hope of a happy reunion, Thaisa removes herself to the temple of Diana, where she promises to live a plain and simple life as a devotee of the goddess.

Today’s Illustrations
Bea: Cerimon’s Medical Palace-Den and Bearicles Leaves Marina at Tarsus
Toby: Time will not decay & Will the sea and skies spit all of themselves?

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