March breACK! 2014: Building Sailboats with Recyclables and Racing them in the Tub

Building Sailboats with Recyclables & Racing them in the Tub ! Such Fun!

In addition to our Mediterranean theme, this week has been all about “recycled” art and play! We’re having fun with things we already have around the house!

Today, I asked the kids to make “floatable” sailboats that we could race in the tub.

First, I led the kids on a bit of a scavenger hunt around the house. I asked them to search through our recyclables and our cabinet full of old craft supplies for items with which to make their boats.  We grabbed a slew of old plastic bottles and rinsed them with soap and water in the sink. And we grabbed some thin wooden dowels, electrical tape, duct tape, and the old glue gun.

Then, the kids got to work designing and building their boats from old plastic bottles. They built seats or sliced open “beds” in the plastic bottles for their lego men and animals to rest in. [I helped out with the exacto knife as necessary.]  They used duct tape to decorate the bottles in bright racing stripes. Then, we popped holes into the tops of the bottles and they inserted dowels into the boats as masts. We made sails out of duct tape, and trimmed them with scissors for extra flair.

Finally, we filled the tub with a bit of water and the kids “raced” the ships by blowing on the sails!

Building Sailboats with Recyclables
Racing Sailboats in the Tub

What kind of boat would you make?

Which boat will win the next race?

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