March breACK! 2014: A Tentative Schedule

The lunchbox season Presents march breaACK! 2014 a Tentative Schedule
ACK! It’s March breACK! again! For those of you who are new to The Lunchbox Season, this means you’re in for a week of multiple posts (3-4 a day!) to document our crazy goings on.  Each day during March BreACK!, the kids will read and illustrate a story I have written for them. [You could easily follow along by having your kids illustrate their own favourite story or book!]  Then, we’ll cook, play games, and create artwork related to our story.   In previous years, the kids have illustrated my tales of The Easter Bunny Bear [the Jacob and Esau story, redux], Sir Lochrann Holmes [a detective Snake in Ireland], and Ahma, the Spirit Bear [modelled after Jane Austen’s Emma]. Check out our March BreACK! Archive for all the details!

The Play of BeariclesThis year, the play’s the thing!  I’ve transformed Shakespeare’s Pericles into The Play of Bearicles, Prince of Tyre. It’s been difficult to pull this one off, because some of the subject matter in Pericles is rather adult. But, inspired by those 18th century authors who transformed Richardson’s Clarissa into something “suitable” for children without omitting much [if any] of its more difficult subject matter, I have”barely” cloaked the adult themes in Shakespeare’s play as I transferred it to the “bear” world.  This wouldn’t have worked a few years ago.  But for kids of 8 & 10, it will work just fine!

With this winter we’ve been having, we’ve been craving sunlight and blue water!.  Well, Bearicles gets us there, at least by way of the imagination!  Since our play is set in the Mediterranean of old, we’ll be sampling the flavours and fare of the Mediterranean and Middle East and learning about the region’s history and political climate.  In terms of original artwork and other impromptu fun, it’s going to be sunny and sun-inspired, but with an eye towards moderation.  I’ve decided to limit purchases outside the home. I got the kids a blank notebook, a fresh packet of thin-line markers, a packet of black drawing pens to share, and a cheap and cheerful packet of white 11×14 in art paper.  For the rest of our projects, we’ll “forage” in the house, going through our recycling bin and our often-overlooked cabinets full of “ancient” art supplies to celebrate our “ancients” theme.  Here’s a very rough of idea of what we’ve got planned:

marchbreack2014logoMARCH breACK! 2014: A TENTATIVE SCHEDULE

Monday, March 10, 2014
Read and Illustrate Bearicles, Act One
The Kids Make Manakeesh [flatbreads] with Cheese or Za’atar!
Design Your Own Snakes and Ladders Game!
Hidden-Secret Cookies: Ma’amool with Nutella or Date-Nut Filling

Tuesday, March 11, 2014
Read and Illustrate Bearicles, Act Two
The Kids Make Grilled and Fried Calamari!
Design Your Own Mottoes, Make Your Own Shields, and Joust!
A Taste of Turkey I: Lamb and Eggplant Tagine

Wednesday, March 12, 2014
Read and Illustrate Bearicles, Act Three
The Kids Make Pizza Boats, a.k.a. Turkish Pides!
Create Your Own Sailboats and Race them in the Tub!
Shipwreck Cookies [Yar!]

Thursday, March 13, 2014
Read and Illustrate Bearicles, Act Four
Bea Makes Baked Fries with Feta and Toby makes Hummus!
Make a Blue-Print of a Pirate Ship [Then, build it out of Lego]!
Greek Food for Dinner – Night Out!

Friday, March 14, 2014
Read and Illustrate Bearicles, Act Five
I Make the Kids a Baklava Snake!
Map [Bearicles’ Adventures in] the Ancient Mediterranean!
Stocking Up for Next Time: Preserved Lemons and Pickled Turnips

Saturday & Sunday, March 15-16, 2014
Bearicles with Stuffies: The Kids Make a Video of their favourite scenes from the play!

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