Family Advent Calendar, Day 18: It’s a Carol-Off! Re-write an Existing Christmas Carol or “Christmassify” a Popular Song!

2013 Day 18

“I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes….CHRISTMAS is all around me, It’s everywhere I go.” – from Love, Actually

Tonight, continuing a tradition we started several years ago, we’ll write our own Christmas Carols.
Since the kids are absolutely in love with the Bill Nighy character’s comic Christmas version of a pop song in Love, Actually, this year’s Carol-Off will focus on either re-writing an existing carol with a creative twist or “Christmassifying” a popular song. 

It's a Carol-Off!

We’ll print this year’s lyrics as soon as they are available!
In the meantime, see our Harry Potter Carols from last year, or our Carol Hootenanny (Moves Like Santa) post for examples!

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