Family Advent Calendar Bonus Post: Our Pink Lemonade Jelly & Gochujang Pickles All Dressed Up For Giving

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As if today’s most awesome Soft Salted Caramels Recipe wasn’t enough…here’s a special Advent Bonus Post….
All Dressed UP for Giving

Each December, the kids and I spend tons of time decorating the jams, jellies, pickles and other preserves we make in the fall and over the summer months.  While this usually constitutes an entire day or “advent activity” on our annual advent calendar, our schedule was just too packed this year.  This afternoon, though, we snuck in a little “Christmassify our Cans” mini-session. We did this not only, of course, because our “jars for giving,” as we call them, look all the better with a little decoration of their own, but also because the kids wanted to enter Well Preserved’s most awesomePimp My Preserves Contest.”

This summer, we created two altogether new and original recipes: Pink Lemonade Jelly and Gochujang Pickles, and so we thought we’d focus on those.  We decided to keep the decoration relatively simple. First, instead of creating labels for the circular tops or lids of the jars, we covered those circular tops in 1) circles of left-over pink asian silk to complement the pink of the jelly and 2) circles of brown kraft paper with a simple red-headed stick pin to emphasize how “hot” our Korean pickles really were.  Next, we created fun “gift tags” to identify the contents of the jars 1) on card stock and 2) on kraft paper. Finally we simply pinned those tags down against the jars by wrapping simple 1) sparkly ribbon or 2) red cotton yarn around the metal screw bands.  Below, you’ll see our results!
Pink lemonade jelly and gochujang pickles all dressed up for giving from The Lunchbox Season dot com

What have you done to your jars this year? And what are you planning on giving?
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