Let the Countdown Begin! Our 2013 Family Advent Calendar Begins on November 30th!

The Lunchbox Season's Online Family Advent Calendar Starts Saturday November 30th 2013 Please join us at thelunchboxseason dot com for a fun daily tbd

Advent is Coming…
And, so is our Daily Family Advent Calendar for 2013! 

While December 1st is the official start of the season, we’ll be starting our Advent festivities a day early!
So, join us on
Advent Eve
November 30th
Each Day until Christmas

for a fabulous Advent TBD which you and your family can carry out at home.
All recipes and how-to’s will be included.
Suggestions and substitutions for your smallest little ones will be included where necessary.

What’s back and what’s new for 2013?
Giving Days make their return, of course – we’ll make weekly donations to our favourite charities –
as do our Saturday Party Days and our Friday Film Festival posts [with thematic Snacks].
Naturally, we’ve got a load of new art, writing and impromptu drama projects on the docket.
And, this year, we’re doing something new on Advent Tuesdays…
Festive Treats the Kids Have Never Tried Before!
So, get ready for some crazy recipes pulled from the archives of family and friends
and perhaps a few pics of the kids getting really messy in the kitchen or at the dining table.

Also, don’t miss our Bonus New Year’s Eve Party post on December 31st!
This year’s theme might finally blow our Sherlock Holmes Party out of the water!!!

In the meantime, you can have a look at all of our Posts of Christmas Past by checking out our Advent Archive Page!!!

The Lunchbox Season's Posts of Christmas Past

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