The Kids Photograph Fall Colours I: Ai Weiwei’s Forever Bicycles, and Nuit Blanche

Kids Photograph Fall Colours I Ai Wei Weis Forever Bicycles and Nuit Blanche

This month, I am asking the kids to use their cameras to photograph fall colours. One thing I’ve been reminding them is that “we can’t forget the night.” So, last night, when we took them to Scotiabank Nuit Blanche, a sweet, sweet ineractive arts festival that ran in downtown Toronto from dusk til dawn, they brought their cameras along. The photography, on their part, mostly happened at the beginning of the evening, before they went crazy for the paper hats, the food trucks, a video of mars, and a garbage-can sculpture of Notre Dame.

Here are their own photographs of Ai Weiwei’s Forever Bicycles, 2013 and some of the fantastic installations surrounding that exhibit.

BEA: 1-4: Ai Weiwei, Forever Bicycles and 5: Music Box, by John Dickson

Tobes: 1: City Hall Candid, 2: Crash Cars by Alain DeClerc, and 3-5: Forever Bicycles, by Ai Weiwei
DSCN0118 DSCN0120 DSCN0121 DSCN0124 DSCN0125

And here are a few snaps of the kids and of their favourite sites taken by their “escorts.”
Among the sites are:  Forever Bicycles, 2013, by Ai WeiweiCrash Cars, by Alain DeClerc, Toaster Work Wagon, by Kim Adams (One of Bea’s Fave Artists at the AGO – she was thrilled to meet him at the exhibit!), Music Box, by John DicksonPaper Orbs, by Kedzior and Kim, Mariner 9, by Kelly Richardson, Shrine, by John Notten, and Take a Penny, by Wihak and Griffith.

IMG_8264 IMG_8269  IMG_8271 IMG_8272 IMG_3023 IMG_8281 IMG_8282 IMG_8284 IMG_8297 IMG_8302 IMG_3031IMG_8320 IMG_8321 IMG_8325 IMG_8326  IMG_3040 IMG_3044   IMG_8345 IMG_8343 IMG_8345 IMG_3047 (1) IMG_8358

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