Making Fire by Chance: Lego Survivor

Lego Survivor

On the way home from school, the kids were getting a little…well…to put it mildly….”restless.”  They were, however, looking forward to watching the newest episode of Survivor, and so we got a little mileage out of making predictions for what would happen to the “tribes” later on in the evening. Unfortunately, the train ride became incredibly laboured and long. Even the kids’ excitement over the television show couldn’t last the journey. But, then it hit me: what if they tried to make a Lego Survivor set-up when they got home?  

The Lego-Survivor imagining on the ride home was golden! The kids started talking about what types of camps they would build, wondering how they would get the lego huts to look like they were made out of bamboo, and discussing what kinds of individual and group challenges and obstacle courses they could put together. There was also a good long  conversation about the kinds of competitors who would make it onto their islands, with plenty of jokes about how you could jimmy the headbands on the Lego-Friends girls to look like buffs.

The promise of Lego Survivor building made for a quick but careful thirty minutes of homework and an equally attentive set of piano practices….And then came what the kids are calling “Only Round One”….an hour of Survivor-themed Lego building!!   Below, you’ll find a few pics of the kids’ first strides at building a Lego Survivor island.

Alright, now, Lego people, get on that – How about some real Survivor sets for Christmas? We need a Lego Rupert and a Boston Rob, a Pavarti and a Probst!!!  Oh, and buffs, please, definitely buffs!!

A First Attempt at Tribal Council  – Poor Jeff could really use a hat!! – Time to vote!
IMG_7849 IMG_7866 IMG_7848 IMG_7854

A Challenge, Two Rewards, and the Sleeping Quarters on Exile Island
IMG_7871 IMG_7870 IMG_7869 IMG_7868

Rough Drafts of Survivor Camp
IMG_7867 IMG_7865 IMG_7864 IMG_7862 IMG_7863 IMG_7860 IMG_7859 IMG_7858  IMG_7841

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