A Little Weekend Cartooning…

A Little Weekend Cartooning

Taking a cue from some of the awesome cartooning workshop that Blaise held for the kids a few summers ago, the kids decided to have a look at their old cartoons from 2011, and to do a bit of fresh cartooning. As one practiced piano, the other began to create a one-page, six panel cartoon featuring an animal character of their choice. Then, they switched places. First, Tobes created a bit of a sequel to his original “Under the Sea” panels from the 2011 workshop. Second, Bea decided on a new character, the Honey Badger, and created a little drama of her own. Below you’ll see a few snapshots of their works in progress.
What a great way to “pass the time” – which, of course, turned out not to be “passing the time” at all!

IMG_7816 IMG_7821
Looking to do some cartooning with your kids?
It’s easy. Just use a ruler to draw 4-6 panels on a blank piece of paper.
Then, have them pencil in some sketches and some words, going over them in coloured pencils or markers when they are happy with the result.

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