Spread’s The Word! Our Pink Lemonade Jelly is a New Family Favourite!

Spread's the Word!
This summer, we made a batch of Pink Lemonade Jelly and set it up on the top of the cabinets with the rest of our canned goods to “wait it out” until the fall.  We had sampled about a quarter pint’s worth of it in our Cook’s Treat jar, those driblets left over from the original tasting and the initial canning venture. However, we hadn’t really sampled a true “set-up batch” until last week-end.  Bea, who has come late to a love of all things peanut- and wow-butter, had used up all of the other jams in the fridge. So, pointing to the jars on high, “the pink one’s calling,” she said, and up I went to retrieve one of our summer gems.

And was it magnificent?  Oh yes!  

I didn’t think that a tangy lemon jelly was going to have any place upon a peanut or soy-butter sandwich. But, wouldn’t you know? It was fab!!! Since then, we’ve spread pink lemonade jelly all over everything, and I mean everything!!   Good thing our recipe isn’t wholly dependent upon seasonal fruits [lemons are never really in season here, unfortunately] or things you can’t get your hands on easily enough from the frozen section! You could just as easily make some of this jelly now, as you could a few months ago. And by the looks of things, we’re going to have to put up at least another batch if we want to give any jelly away around the holidays!

Want the recipe? You’ll find it in our original post on our Sister Site, Summer of Funner. Here’s the link: Pink Lemonade Jelly.

You’re going to LOVE it!

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