Great News! We’re a Part of!

The Lunchbox Season has one fantastic announcement to make!

We are now a

Contributing Member 


Canada’s newest destination for all things parenting!

[Please Note: Parentdish Canada has since rebranded as HuffPost Canada Parents!]

We’re looking forward to contributing to the site and sharing our own posts with a wider audience!

And a Warm Welcome to all of the new parentdish fans who are visiting The Lunchbox Season for the first time today!
If you’re new here, have a look at our sidebar for recent posts, popular posts and news from our sister site, Summer of Funner!

[A Notice to Our Readers: In the early fall, we will be changing the look and feel of our websites! As we test our new look, background images and headers may occasionally change before your very eyes! All of the basic elements in the blog will stay the same, and you should have no trouble reading posts or accessing the archives! If you are experiencing errors on the site, please revisit or reload. We should be ship-shape by mid-September!!!] 

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