Book Cover Re-Design for Kids, Workshop II: Teacher’s Favourite Book Cover Thank You Cards


To go along with the bottles of wine we purchased for their teachers this year, the kids are making Thank You Cards featuring cover re-designs of their teachers’ favourite books.  Earlier in the week, they asked their teachers, “What’s your favourite book?,” and they came home and reported just a few of their teachers’ answers.  Then, we got to work on our cards!  We folded some watercolour paper in half and used pencil, black permanent marker, and watercolour to create a “Book Cover” Thank You Card. This turned out to be a rather ironic project, because the kids really had no idea what these novels were about. I read them brief summaries of the books from the original book jackets or back covers. Still, their drawings had more to do with a literal interpretation of the title than with any of the book’s true associations. We did, however, go back and have a look at the texts of the books in order to choose some meaningful quotes for the insides of the cards.  We’re attaching these to the bottles of wine we’ll be handing the teachers before school is out!!!

BOOK COVER REDESIGN WORKSHOP II: Teacher’s Favourite Book Cover Thank You Cards


Watercolour Paper
Pencil and Eraser
Black Permanent Marker
The Title and Author of the Teacher’s Favourite Book
A Key Quotation from that Book
[You could always just Google “[the book title] quotes” and work from there!]


Fold your watercolour paper in half/into a card
In pencil, on the inside/message portion of the card, write a quotation from the book.
Go over this quotation in permanent marker.
In pencil, render the title and author of the book on the outside front of the card.
Make an illustration for your book cover in pencil.
Erase any fiddly bits you’re not happy with.
When you have your book cover looking fantastic, go back over your pencil lines in permanent marker.
Unfold the card momentarily so that your paper is flat on the table.
Use watercolours to fill in the book cover illustration.
Let Dry.
Re-fold the card, write a personal message, and sign your name.
Attach the card to a bottle of wine or insert a gift card and present it to your teacher!!!
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