Book Cover Re-design for Kids: Workshop I, Zeppelin Poems


I’ve been really intrigued by some of the gorgeous book designs and redesigns I’ve seen lately. Of course, I’m absolutely in love with Carleton Wilson‘s original book design for Blaise’s new book of poems, Zeppelin.  I’ve also been delighted by some recent soft and hard cover Penguin Classics such as Little Women, Moby Dick,  and The Count of Monte Cristo.  These are the kinds of covers that make you want to repurchase the classic books you already own!!

zeppelin poems
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As a birthday present for their father, I though I’d have the kids look at the already beautiful Zeppelin, and come up with an equally lovely cover design of their own. I’m hoping that this becomes the first in a series of book design and redesign projects we take on over the Summer of Funner which is to come!!!

BOOK COVER REDESIGN WORKSHOP I:  Permanent Marker and Watercolours

The Book! : Zeppelin, Poems, by Blaise Moritz.
Scrap Paper
Watercolour Paper
Black Permanent Marker/Sharpies
Cups of Water
Optional: Picture Frames

After having read through the book, think about ideas that come to you that are inspired by its contents and by its original cover.
On scrap paper, sketch a rough book cover design of your own.
If you are going to use a specific sized frame, pencil in a square or rectangle to designate the visible space of your design onto your watercolour paper.
[Optional] Sketch your design onto the watercolour paper.
Use permanent marker to render your basic design onto the watercolour paper.
Use watercolours to complete your book design.
Let your design dry.
[Optional] Frame your Book Cover and Present it as a Gift to the Author or to one of the the Book’s Fans

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