MARCH breACK! 2013: Kermode’s Path Math Game

Kermode's Path Math Game

Today, we’re playing another Kermode-bear-themed math dice game.  The kids will each get a copy of the sheet and play this with a gummy bear as a game piece and their own pair of dice.  When each of them finishes, they’ll get a prize [a few bear stickers].  The instructions: Help the Kermode Bear Fin His Way Back to His Mother Bear! Roll the dice and add the numbers. If you are wrong, move backward two squares. If you are right, move your gummy bear or game-piece ahead as many spaces as your correct answer. Bonus: If you can also multiply the two numbers on the dice, you can move your bear ahead an additional two squares.


Here’s a less crisp pdf version of our game: Kermode’s Path PDF

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