MARCH breACK! 2013: Illustrate-Your-Own-Books, Ahma, The Spirit Bear, Part IV: A Berry Picking Party & What Follows

Ahma, The Spirit Bear, Part IV (Conclusion): A Berry Picking Party & What Follows, A Precis:
Mr. Mansm’ hosts a berry-picking party on the extensive guardian-forest-grounds of Gyeksa-Yuup (Peaceful Earth) followed by a trip to a Amap’as (Good-Looking) Hill, for a view of the local salmon streams and a festive picnic. Things are clearly strained, however, among most of the Spirit Bears. During the picnic, Ahma makes a biting remark which nearly devastates the sensitive Miss Wax’l, and Mr. Mansm’ criticizes Ahma for her ill behaviour. Soon after, he announces his departure to Prince Rupert for a visit with his brother bear regarding a highly sensitive matter. During his absence, the spirit bears of Mayaa’ol receive news of the death of Mrs. Ts-ots’dii, Noosik’s aunt. Not much later, they have word of a secret, long-standing engagement between Mr. Churchill and one of their party.  Who will it be? How will Mr. Mansm’, Ahma, Harriet and all of our other characters be affected by the revelation? Did you really thing we were going to tell you? No! No! Dear readers, it’s a family secret. Only those privvy to the actual manuscript of Ahma, The Spirit Bear will be able to find out!  The illustations below, however, may shed a little light on these mysteries.

Today, the kids were going to use coloured pencils, crayons, and textured objects below their papers to create their illustrations. However, we opted to go back to their favourite oil pastels to complete the project.

Bea opted to spend all of her time and energy on a cover design which encapsulated her sense of the spirit of the fourth section of the story:


Tobes did a rough cover and two illustrations, one of Mr. Yeni-Marten, and other of Amap’as Hill, where the bears have a rather dramatic picnic:
IMG_3552 IMG_3554 IMG_3555

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