MARCH breACK! 2013: Mooksgm’ol [Spirit Bear] Drum Faces Inspired by Tsishmian Art & the Four Tsishmian Clans


David Boxley’s Raven Drum:

Today, we’re lucky to have papa at home. He and the kids are having a look at drum faces created by Tsishmian artists. A simple Google Image search for “Tsishmian drums” will serve their purpose well. I’m particularly taken with David Boxley’s work [pictured to the left].  The four Tsishmian Clans are represented by a quartet of sacred animals: Ganhada [Raven], Gispwudwada [Killer Whale], Laxsgiik [Eagle] and Laxgibuu [Wolf].  We also like the drum faces on the covers of the books, The Salmon Bear, and The Sea Wolf, both by Ian McAllister and Nicholas Read. The bear and wolf drums on those covers are the work of Heiltsuk artists Martin Campbell.

Today, the kids and their papa designed their own Mooksgm’ol [spirit bear] drum faces by using primarily red and black inks.  Bea used inks on paper to create her lovely drum face. Tobes and Papa each designed a bear and then made stencils with printer paper & an exacto knife from their drawings. Then, they used brushes to apply ink through their stencils onto the back of a brown paper plate. Both techniques were lovely.

1&3: Tobes’ Bear Drum & Papa’s bear drum: Ink via stencil on a stiff paper plate;  2: Bea’s ink on paper.


Their work together:

Their work tweaked with a black background and “drum” edge via fotoflexer magic:
toby's plate as a drum facebea's art as a drumpapa's plate as a drum

The artists at work and their ink:
IMG_3447 IMG_3448 IMG_3456   IMG_3446

Here’s a basic empty drum face template for you to copy, resize, print, and colour!Ahma Drum Face Template

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