MARCH breACK! 2013: Illustrate-Your-Own-Books, Ahma, The Spirit Bear, Part III: In Which Harriet is Saved and Jane Tries Not To Be


Ahma, The Spirit Bear, Part III: In Which Harriet Hooltga Gyemk is Saved and Jane Ha-Liimi Tries Not to Be, A Precis:
Hibernation season is over and the spring brings fresh faces to the village of Mayaa’ol, or Bear Berry. Miss Wax’l and her mother have word that their niece, Jane Ha-Liimi [Musical Instrument], is returning from Bella Bella to stay with them for a few weeks before she must search for employment as a cub-keeper. Mr. Haymaadm’s son, Noosik [Woolverine], who has been raised by his Aunt Ts’ots-dii [Churchill] in Prince Rupert, is also due to arrive. While Ahma is rather cold to Miss. Ha-Liimi, she is quite taken with Mr. Churchill, at least, at first. She and Noosik have a splendid time speculating upon the identity of the anonymous donor of the expensive drums and the case of music that were shipped to the talented Jane by a pack of Kermode-bear couriers. The two are positive that these gifts are love tokens from a married bear, the husband of one of Jane’s close friends. Meanwhile, Mr. W’Nax has returned from a vacation-hibernation trip to Alaska with a new, loud wife, who has decided to adopt and, therefore, “save” Jane Ha-Liimi by finding her a position as a cub-keeper in a dreadful, far-away school. At a ball in the village assembly dens, Mr. W’Nax announces his desire to step lively with just about anyone in the room. Yet, he refuses to dance with Harriet Hooltga Gyemk, who has no partner. The gentle-bear Mr. Mansm’ saves the day by asking Harriet to take a twirl around the room. If this act of heroism was not enough, the next morning, Harriet and Ahma are surrounded by a large pack of sea wolves, hungry for the salmon in their baskets, and Noosik Churchill comes to their rescue by dashing the wolves away. Ahma sees this as a sign of Mr. Churchill’s devotion to Harriet and begins to scheme anew to find her marry her friend to a “first rate gentle-bear.” 

Today, the kids, supervised by papa, illustrated their chapter with permanent markers and watercolours. 

Here are the results:

Tobes: Ahma and Harriet, surrounded by Sea Wolves, saved by Noosik Churchill (ink draft, ink & watercolour final)

Tobes: Ahma watching Harriet dance with Mr. Mansm’; The Miss Wax’ls’ den above the post-office.
IMG_3470 IMG_3471

Bea: The Village of Maaya’ol, or Bear-Berry, with close ups of the Salmon Market and Spa-Haayk.
IMG_3466 IMG_3463 IMG_3465
Bea: Jane Ha-Liimi is almost swept off by the waves of a wayward Oil Tanker when Mr. Gyibaaw comes to the rescue. His 
fiancé Miss. Ko’opnm Hoon runs for help.

Bonus Picture from Papa:
Ahma sings the Song of the Raven, who chose one of every ten black bears to be a white spirit bear, or Mooksgm’ol, as a reminder of the Ice Age.

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