MARCH breACK! 2013: Spirit Bear Portraits on Newsprint with Easy Stick or Dowel Frames


Today, in our story of Ahma, The Spirit Bear, our Ahma paints the portrait of her friend Harriet Hooltga Gyemck on a piece of newsprint which has drifted into their village, and Mr. W’Nax takes it into Prince Rupert to have it professionally framed. Today, the kids made their own bear portraits on newsprint using oil pastels. We’ve printed our set of instructions for you here with a gallery of the kids at work and their finished products below.

[We got this idea from a group of super-cool pics we’d seen lately on Etsy, in which artists had printed bear and other animal heads onto old dictionary pages, complete with dapper wardrobe elements from the human world, monocles, top-hats, ties, and the like. We looked at a few of those as our models: See Patrician Prints and collageOrama for a few examples and to purchase art-quality versions of our home-spun kids activity]


Spirit Bear Portraits on Newsprint with Easy Dowel Frames

Newspaper – the financial section (stocks), sports and weather (stats) make for great backgrounds!
Oil Pastels [or other “dry” media such as crayons or coloured pencils]
Photos of Spirit Bear Faces for Inspiration [we checked google images for “Spirit Bears”]
Glue Stick or White Glue
2-#inch Wooden Dowels from the Dollar Store, or pussy willows or other sticks cut to size, dried lengths of lavender or rosemary would also be nice [Optional]
A rectangular piece of cardboard whose width is cut to the length of your wooden dowels [Optional]
Mod Podge and a foam applicator [Optional]

[Optional] Use a pencil or crayon to draw a square on your piece of cardboard whose sides are approximately the length of your wooden stick or dowel.
[Optional] Cut out this square of cardboard.
Use a pencil or crayon to draw a square on your newspaper whose sides are approximately the length of one of your sticks/wooden dowels. If you’ve cut out the cardboard square, you can simply use this as your pattern.
Cut the newspaper out in a square about two inches wider on each side than the square you’ve drawn in pencil/crayon.
Within this square, with your pencil, sketch a bear head and upper body by glancing at your picture.
Now, sketch in some bear clothing [Optional: our fictional bears wear headdresses and other clothes]
Use your oil pastel crayons [or other media] to draw over top and fill in the image as you see fit.
[Optional] Place the portrait face up upon the cardboard, and use the glue stick, glue, or modpodge on its underside to tack it down.
[Optional] Wrap the excess length of the newspaper over onto the back of the cardboard, folding down the corners as you would on a birthday gift [shown below], and tacking down with the glue stick, glue or modpodge.
[Optional] Attach the dowels to the edges of the “frame” with white glue or modpodge.
[Optional] Modpodge over the top of the drawing and atop the dowels as well.

20130311-133626.jpg 20130311-133636.jpg 20130311-133654.jpg 20130311-133713.jpg 20130311-133729.jpg 20130311-133752.jpg 20130311-133807.jpg 20130311-133822.jpg 20130311-133845.jpg 20130311-133906.jpg 20130311-133914.jpg 20130311-133926.jpg 20130311-134005.jpg 20130311-134022.jpg 20130311-134032.jpg 20130311-133558.jpg 20130311-133606.jpg  cropped ahma  Cropped Mr. W'NAx

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