MARCH breACK! 2013: Kermode Bear Genetics: Learning about Biology & Probability by Copying a Scientific Illustration


If you kill a Black Kermode bear, you are endangering the sacred Spirit Bear too! Did you know that only one out of ten Kermode bears is a white Spirit Bear? And did you know that while the hunting of Spirit Bears has been taboo for some time, trophy hunting of the Black Bear in British Columbia is still widespread? This means that there is less and less of a chance for Spirit Bears to expand their population.

Sometimes, just taking out your coloured pencils and copying an illustration can really impress such a lesson upon your mind.  Today, we took our first step towards Spirit Bear Activism by learning about some of the dangers to their well being. Since what I wanted the kids to learn today was that if you kill a Black Kermode Bear, you are endangering the Spirit Bear, I had them learn bout Kermode Bear Genetics by Copying a Scientific Illustration we found on the National Geographic Website:

Kermode Bear Genetics from National Geographic:

Here’s how the kids’ illustrations turned out:

IMG_3258 IMG_3256

We followed up by discussing the importance of keeping black bears safe from hunters. You can learn more about that from these websites (and many others):

Spirit Bear Youth Coalition – This is a great resource for kids and parents alike!

World Wildlife Fund – Oil Pipelines and their effects upon bear populations and the Great Bear Rainforest.

Jane Goodall: The Spirit Bear


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