MARCH breACK! 2013: Illustrate-Your-Own-Books, Ahma the Spirit Bear, Part I: Old Married Bears & Unmarried Bears


Ahma, the Spirit Bear, Part I: Old Married Bears & Unmarried Bears, A Precis
Our story begins with a wedding. In the village of Maaya’ol (Bear-Berry), situated in a remote portion of the Great Bear Rainforest on The Princess Royal Island, the young Miss. Luup’is (To Sew or Tailor) becomes the bride of the widower-bear Mr. Haymaadm (Cold West Wind). Her former companion, Miss. Ahma (short for Amhalaayt, or, Chief’s Headdress), our heroine, and Ahma’s father, Mr. Gan-Walp (Wood-House) feel the loss of their help-mate exceedingly. Ahma, however, boasts to her friend Mr. Mansm’ (short for Mansm’ooygit, or, Leading Chief), who is also known as “Nightly” for the way his white coat shines beneath the moon. She claims that she encouraged Ms. Luup’is to admire Mr. Haymaadm, and that she helped to make the match herself. She now resolves to find a wife for the young spirit-leader Mr. W’Nax (Skunk Cabbage) who conducted the marriage rite. When Ahma meets a new young friend in the village, the orphaned Miss Harriet Hooltga Gyemck (Full Moon), she sets her mind on pairing up Harriet with Mr. W’Nax. Harriet is full of the news of the summer she spent with her spirit bear friend, the salmon hunter and beekeeper, Mr. Hukkwdek Yen-Marten (Good-Hunter Marten-Marten) and his family. However, Ahma is determined to introduce Harriet to the Kermode she perceives as a “better sort of bear,” the village’s spiritual leader. She sets about painting Harriet’s portrait, and an excited Mr. W’Nax, who has been invited to view the exercise, offers to take it to Prince Rupert to have it framed.

Today the kids illustrated the first section of Ahma, the Spirit Bear with their favourite oil pastels.

Here are the results:
1) A Basket of Thunderberries, 2) Harriet was Reading The Romance of the Forest 3) Mrs. Haymaadm’s Cupcakes  

 20130311-114923.jpg 20130311-114915.jpg  20130311-114848.jpg
Bea 4) Mrs. Wax’l and Mrs. Haymaadm Reading Letters 5) The ApotheBeary Eating Salmon Cupcakes 6) Ahma’s House – Spa Haayk 7) Harriet Reading the Romance of the Forest
20130311-114833.jpg20130311-114824.jpg 20130311-114811.jpg 20130311-114706.jpg

And here are the kids having fun with their new books, and Bea’s Kermode stuffy!

20130311-114422.jpg 20130311-114411.jpg 20130311-114457.jpg 20130311-114434.jpg

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