MARCH breACK! 2013 is Coming…


You may have been wondering where we’ve been the past few weeks….Preparing for MARCH breACK! 2013, of course!

As you may know, we are pretty serious about our March Break festivities.  Each year, I write a short chapter book for the kids to read and illustrate over the course of the week. So far, we’ve done a story about an “Easter Bunny Bear,” based on the biblical narrative of Jacob and Esau, and “The Adventures of Sir Lochrann Holmes: A Study in Emerald,” a murder mystery involving a group of underground snakes in Ireland.  Each day of the break, after we have read and illustrated our daily dose of literary genius, we  make a few related recipes in the kitchen and take on a couple of related art projects.   For a taste of MARCH breACK!-s past, have a look at last year’s posts, organized for you here in our MARCH breACK! Archive.

So, what’s the story going to be this year? Well, I’ve had a request from Lady Beatrice for something involving Jane Austen and Bears…Is that enough of a hint?  And, I’m pretty sure, we’ll be instituting a daily practice entitled “High-Bearry Tea at Three”…How’s that for another hint?
And, for any of you skeptics out there thinking that there is no way this is going to be boy-friendly or -approved…think again. We’ve got it covered.

See you on Monday, March 11!

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