Toy Heart Photo Valentines [using Skylanders, Legos, Stuffies, & Monster High Dolls]


Yesterday, we made Homemade Valentines with what we have around the house….and what did we have around the house? Toys, toys, and more toys!!!
We formed our toys into heart shapes, photographed them, added text with free online photo-editing tools, and printed them out in small format to give to friends and family.

Notes to the adults in the room: If you want a more grown-up approach, you could do something similar for your sweetheart by swapping toys for other around-the-house items such as kitchen tools, high-heeled shoes, bowties, shop tools (nails, screws etc) – and you could certainly be a little naughtier with your text.

Toy Heart Photo Valentines


Sheet, Tablecloth, Plain Blanket, or Bare Floor
Toys or other Household Items: Skylanders, Legos, Stuffies, Monster High Dolls, shoes, spoons, tools, ties, balls of yarn, etc…
A Chair or Step-Stool
Digital Camera
Computer with internet access
Colour/Photo Printer
Photo Paper
Sharpie or other photograph-writable writing utensil

Lay a blanket, tablecloth or other plain fabric on a flat surface, or clear a flat surface of any clutter.
Arrange toys in a heart shape.
[If you’d like, have your child “photo-bomb” the heart by laying down with their head inserted among all of the toys…or take a picture if the child pointing to the heart, etc.]
Standing on a chair, step-stool, or just on the floor nearby, take a photo of the heart [and child] from above.
Upload the photo to your computer.
Use a free online photo-editing site such as, or use your own photo software, to add text and borders to your photo file.
Choose something simple like “Be My Valentine, Love Bea & Tobes” or something toy-specific, like “Don’t Lego My Heart, Tobes” or “Bear with Me, Always, Love, Bea.”
Print your valentines in multiples of 6-12 per page for small, school-size valentines or in a larger format for family and friends.
Cut photo-cards to size.
You can use a sharpie to add the addressee’s name to an area of the photo or to the back of the print, or you can purchase small envelopes to do the job.

Here are the photos we took with our iphone camera!

redstuffybefore redskylanderbefore legoheartphotobeforefotoflexing monsterdollphotosbefore skylanderheartbefore stuffiesbefore

Here’s just a sampling of our completed valentines!

LEGO4 Monster  High Doll 1 Red Stuffy4 redskylander2 redskylanders4 REDSTUFFIESHVD2 Skylander1 Stuffies3

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