Looking Backward, Love

Looking Backward, Love
“If bread is the first necessity of life, recreation is a close second.” – Edward Bellamy, Looking Backward

While it may have appeared as if we’ve been off hibernating since our marathon Advent Shadowbox Calendar project at the end of 2012, we’ve actually been out flexing our muscles in the winter weather. Plenty of snow has meant plenty of sledding down our local hill. We’ve also been preparing for the weeks ahead, particularly the upcoming holidays: Groundhog Day, Chinese New Year, Ash Wednesday, and Valentine’s Day!

Of course, such recreation has made us think, most particularly, on our hearts.

So, here are the links to last year’s Valentine’s posts:

Valentine’s Lunchbox Treats: Caramel Kissed Chocolate Thumbprints & Mini-Kissed Chocolate Hearts

IMG_6091 caramel IMG_6088

Handmade Holidays: Valentines for School

Toby'sfinalcard Beas2ndcard

Stay tuned for new posts starting this week….and get yourselves ready for MARCH breAK! 2013 by checking out our MARCH breAK! archive for all of the fun & excitement from last year!

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