Advent Shadowbox 2012: Day 11, Make a Christmas Collage Post-Card, Write a Memory Poem on the Back & Send it to a Friend

Today, we’re asking the kids to create Christmas Collage Post-Cards with bits of paper we keep around for collaging, a slew of photocopied vintage Christmas cards, pen and ink. Then, we’ll ask them to write a collage-style poem about a Christmas Memory by relating a series of impressions or images associated, if only subtly, to that memory. They’ll address these post-cards to friends, stamp them, and send them in the mail.

Christmas Collage Post Cards


Blank postcards or card-stock cut to size
[Here’s a pdf of basic post-card text that I printed onto 4X6 cardstock: Postcard ]
Photocopies or print-outs of vintage christmas cards or images or other bits of paper, ribbon, photos, etc.
[Here’s a pdf of a few images I downloaded from Google and printed out for the kids: Vintage Christmas Pictures
Or, you can just Google “Vintage Christmas Images” or the like and print out what you find. ]
Pens, Pencils, Crayons, Pastels or Paints

Cut out images, perhaps those related to your own favourite Christmas Memory.
Paste those images as you see fit on one side of a blank card.
Use your favourite art supplies to decorate the post-card to your taste.

Christmas Memory Poems
Think of a Christmas Memory, something close to your heart.
Instead of writing the story or narrative of this memory, write a few phrases that encapsulate the memory itself, or any feelings or images that arise when you review this incident in your mind.

Here are the kids at work (they’re keeping the poems to themselves and to the friends they’ll mail these to): 
 20121211-163641.jpg 20121211-163646.jpg 20121211-163706.jpg 20121211-164113.jpg 20121211-165349.jpg

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