Advent Shadowbox 2012: Day 9, Read & Illustrate The Winter’s Tale, Acts II-III

–Exeunt, Pursued by a Bear– The Winter’s Tale III.iii.

This week, we are continuing are four-week project of reading and illustrating The Winter’s Tale together. We’ll post the pictures below as they become available.

Here’s a bit of a summary of Acts II iii – III iii

Things are heating up in Sicilia. When Paulina brings Hermione’s baby to King Leontes, hoping that he will recognize the child as his own, he becomes enraged and orders the baby to be killed. Paulina’s husband Antigonus asks for mercy, however, and Leontes agrees to let him take the child away, but only on the provision that he abandon the baby in the wilderness.

When Leontes brings his wife Hermione to trial for adultery, she claims her innocence. And, the message returned by Leontes’ messengers from the Oracle of Apollo appears to support her innocence. However, Leontes has no time to extend any mercy. Word arrives of the death of Leontes and Hermione’s dear son, Mamillius, who seems to have died out of concern for his mother. Only moments after, Hermione faints and is taken away, and Paulina returns with the news of Hermione’s subsequent death. Paulina condemns Leontes and he accepts her criticism as valid.

The action then moves to the stormy coast of Bohemia, where Antigonus reports having seen Hermione’s ghost, who has instructed him to take the baby there and to name her Perdita. However, Antigonus is chased away by a bear (hence the most famous stage direction in all of Shakespeare). A Shepherd and his son find the baby swaddled in luxurious blankets of gold.

Today’s Illustrations

Once again, the kids did the same two illustrations: Exit Pursued By a Bear & Antigonus visited by Hermione’s Ghost


20121209-114906.jpg 20121209-115006.jpg
20121209-115115.jpg 20121209-115123.jpg 20121209-115129.jpg 

II.ii.185-6 Leontes: Some powerful spirit instruct the kites and ravens/To be thy nurses
III.iii.95 Clown: And then for the land-service, to see how the bear tore out his shoulder bone.

III.iii. 92-95 Clown” how the poor souls soared, and the sea mocked them; and how the poor gentleman roared and the bear mocked him, both roaring louder than the sea or weather.”
II.ii. Exit with the Child
III.iii 19, 25-26 “To me comes a creature… And gasping to begin some speech her eyes/Became two spouts…”

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