Advent Shadowbox 2012: Day 7, Begin Our Friday Holiday Film Fest with an Unusual Double Feature and Make Kringle Corn!

We’re starting our Friday Night Holiday Film Festival with a rather unusual double feature: Gremlins and Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. Neither of these movies are particularly “good.” But, after a long week of school, the kids are bound to enjoy a good giggle and squeal. We’re going to try to limit their “sweets” intake tonight by mixing the sweet chocolate movie snacks in with a load of air-popped popcorn. There’s really not much to our “Kringle Corn,” but the kids like the festive name.

Kringle Corn
Makes at least 7 cups, the variations are endless

5 c Air-Popped Popcorn [about .5-.75 c dry kernels], Cooled
[There is no need to butter or salt the popcorn, but do so if you’d like.]
1 c Holiday Coloured M&M’s, Plain
1-2 c Small Pretzels [We had a bag of alphabet pretzels in the cupboard.]
1 c Cashews, Peanuts, or other Nuts or Seeds [Optional – add more dried fruits if there are allergy sufferers]
1 c Craisins, Raisins or other diced, dried fruit [Optional – add more chocolate if there are fruit haters]

20121126-150716.jpg 20121126-150726.jpg  20121126-150744.jpg 20121126-150734.jpg

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