Advent Shadowbox 2012: Day 4, Draw Blue-Prints of the House for Santa

Last year, we asked the kids to imagine Santa’s workshop in a drawing in their letters to Santa. This year, we’re asking them to include a “blue print” of our house in their letter to old St. Nick, pointing out the various points of entry and exit, and the general set-up of the living room this year. Mostly, I ask them to do this because my husband and I want to have a copy of their artwork, in this light, for ourselves. With this in mind, we’re going to be “scanning” the image on our computer to “keep on file” before they actually send it of to the North Pole, HOHOHO. We’ll post the results as they become available.

Blue-Prints for Santa
Black and Blue Crayons, Pencils, Pens & Markers
White Paper [we used long strips from a roll]
A few examples/images of blueprints from the internet or elsewhere
[Bea brought down a picture from her Tintin: Destination Moon book]


20121204-195743.jpg 20121204-195749.jpg 20121204-195754.jpg 20121204-195800.jpg 20121204-195805.jpg 20121204-195810.jpg 20121204-195816.jpg
B: 20121204-195826.jpg 20121204-195832.jpg
T: 20121204-195837.jpg 20121204-195842.jpg 20121204-195846.jpg 20121204-195852.jpg

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