MARCH breAK! 2012: Fingerprint Four-Leaf Clover Cards

Fingerprint Four-Leaf Clover Cards

Since the kids are totally into the  “science of deduction” that accompanies our Irish-Snake-Detective themed MARCH breAK!, it seemed only fitting that we should create St. Patrick’s Day Cards for our far-away family using Fingerprints!  I like this activity, because the kids spend more time actually writing messages in the cards than decorating them. Not that I’m against a good art project, but we’re doing a lot of drawing this week, and far less writing, so I thought this would be a good fit!


Green Ink Pad or Green Paint
Brown or Black Pen or Marker
Plain White Cards and Envelopes or Plain White Postcards


With your imagination, divide the card into four quadrants.
Have a child press their finger into the ink pad or a small dab of green paint.
Have them press their index finger on the upper right quadrant of the card.
Rotate the card 90 degrees and have them re-ink and re-press their finger.
Repeat until you have four clover petals.
Have the same or another child make a similar clover impression in the upper half of the lower left quadrant of the card.
If you have more than two children working on the card, you’ll want to adjust the placement accordingly to accomodate three or more clovers.
Use a brown or black marker to draw in a stem.
We chose to make a decorative a curlicue at the bottom of each stem to designate each child’s first initial, lowercase.
You might choose, instead, to write the child’s name, or have them write it themselves, in a small hand beneath the corresponding clover.
Write a general holiday greeting on the inside of the card.
Then, have the kids write personal notes to their family and friends.
After you seal the card in an envelope, you might want to have the kids print another four-leaf clover across the seal.
Then, post away!!!

All of this work made us hungry, so took the clover theme to heart and made Shamrock S’mores! 

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