Handmade Holidays: Valentines for School

February 12-14, 2012

It’s time to disseminate Valentine Cards in the classroom. This year, when the kids received their lists of names from school, we decided to go ahead and make our own little cards. It took us about an hour from start to finish…

Plain paper, Pencils, Markers or Gel Pens, Scanner, Computer, Printer, Scissors, Permanent Marker

The Process:
1) Have your child draw an image in pencil on a piece of plain white paper.
2) When they are satisfied with the image, have them colour it in with markers or gel pens.
3) Scan the image onto your computer.
4) Use photo editing software (like the free tools at fotoflexer) to add borders and text (“Happy Valentine’s Day,” or “Be Mine,” “To:” and “From: Your Child’s Name”).
5) Using your photo-printing software or by copying the images into a word document, print multiple copies of your valentines on sheets of 8.5×11 plain or glossy photo paper.
6) Cut out the valentines and write the recipient’s names on them. (We used permanent marker on our photo printouts.)

If you don’t have access to a colour printer, simply have the kids draw the images in black and white, scan and print them, or bring them to a photocopy place to do so, and have fun colouring the cards individually.

The Results
Here are the kids’ original drawings (Bea made two):

Tobes (Skylander Shooting Hearts):

Bea (Harry Potter, Heart):

Here are the images we created using fotoflexer:

Here are two of the final printed sheets:

Happy Valentine’s WEEK!

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