Advent Shadowbox: Day 23, Library in a Box for Haiti (via

December 19, 2011
23rd Day of Advent
6 Days til Christmas

Dear Kids,

Last Night, Mama & Papa logged on to Plan Canada ( After looking over all of their Gifts of Hope, we purchased a Library in a Box for Haiti in your honour (pictured above). Today, we’ll check out the site together and browse all of the terrific items you can give to families in need, like mango trees, baby chicks & rabbits, garden seeds, art therapy, beekeeping supplies, clean water, and baby goats.  Here’s what the site said about the gift we have given on your behalf:

 Books let us know we are not alone. They remind us of the courage and strength of the human spirit. They offer hope, which the children of post-earthquake Haiti need now more than ever. Delivered to schools, these boxes are packed with enough books to engage the insatiable minds of hundreds of children, shaping their learning and inspiring their dreams. Page by page, help keep Haiti’s children reading and learning, and re-imagining what their country can be.

We hope that you will continue to think of giving through the Christmas Season and each day of 2012!

Love Always,
Mama & Papa

 Today’s Advent Shadowbox Insert:

The Shadowbox From Afar:

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