Advent Shadowbox: Day 18, Make Clove Oranges

December 14, 2011
18th Day of Advent
11 Days ’til Christmas

Turn an orange into a scented ornament
by plunging cloves in festive patterns
all over the orange’s rind.
Then, wrap it in ribbons
and hang it in a doorway
or place it on the mantle by the fire.

It wouldn’t be Christmas without Clove Oranges. Each year when I was a little girl, my mother and I would spend an hour or so punching whole cloves into the sides of oranges in tight rows or loose swirls. For one of my first “grown-up holiday dinner parties,” I used cloves to punch each guest’s monogram into an orange, and I placed these delights on the table as place-markers. It’s time to show the kids how this is done…I’ve loaded up on whole cloves from the bulk store, ribbons from the dollar store, and oranges from the grocer. We might have a few sore fingers when we’re done, but it will be worth it!!!

Here’s how today’s insert looks:

Here’s how the Advent Shadowbox looks from afar:




Oranges, Whole Cloves, Washable (or Dry Erase) Markers, Wooden Skewers, Ribbons

Draw a pattern or image on the outside of an orange with marker. [optional]
Punch a hole or a series of holes into the orange in that pattern.[optional]
Press the sharp tips of the whole cloves into the orange.
Wrap ribbons around the orange and create a hanger by tying a bow [optional]


Tonight’s Success Story in Pictures




Getting Filled In














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