Advent Shadowbox: Day 13, Movie, Lego, Mindfulness

December 9, 2011
13th Day of Advent
16 Days ’til Christmas

Today, our MERRY-MAKING splits 
us up. The girls set off with a few
good friends for a holiday MOVIE,
while the boys embark upon a living
room LEGO-building contest royale.

BE MINDFUL, then, of what you see
and hear and feel and think today.
So that when we come back together
as a family tonight, you can DEFINE
and ACCOUNT for all the ways 
you’ve witnessed or encountered 


Today I had fun with fonts as I reminded the kids to be mindful of “The Christmas Spirit” all around them. We’ll ask them to write down a list of actions, feelings, things, and ideas that embody “The Christmas Spirit” tonight before bedtime.


Here’s how the Shadowbox insert looked this morning:

And here’s how the Advent Shadowbox looked from afar:

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