Advent Shadowbox: Day 12, Afternoon Sundae Bar

December 8th, 2011

12th Day of Advent
17 Days ’til Christmas

It’s a Short Week at School.
Let’s Celebrate in Style.
This Afternoon, We’ll Gather
Christmas Candies in a Pile,
And We’ll Chop them, 
and We’ll Drop Them 
into Buckets of Ice Cream
With Marshmallows, Chocolate Sauce, 
Cherries, Sprinkles, Candy Floss.  
You Can Build, Dears, Whatever You Dream….


This morning, I downloaded the only picture of Santa eating ice cream that I could find on the internet. I used the “doodle” and “text” features on to blot out the existing text on the image and to add my own writing. 

 Here’s how today’s insert looks:

And here’s how the Advent Shadowbox looks from afar:

It’s going to be a sweet afternoon!
I’m looking forward to chopped oreo-style peppermint-cream-filled cookies and bits of peppermint bark piled on top of vanilla and chocolate swirl ice cream!  

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