Advent Shadowbox: Day 10, Kids’ Newspapers


December 6, 2011 – 10th Day of Advent – 19 Days ’til Christmas


Let’s Make a Newspaper for Family and Friends,
A Record of All You’ve Accomplished this Year
To Place Inside Of Cards Full of Holiday Cheer!


The kids have been really interested in making comic books at home this year (see our Comic Strip Days post on our Summer of Funner site). Recently, they’ve gotten into making newspapers with their friends at school, too. I wanted to sustain these interests during Advent by having them compose a sheet or two about what they did over the past twelve months. I’ll have them write top-ten lists and highlight their best and worst moments of 2011. They can even place advertisements, comic strips, and photographs on their sheets of paper. We’ll photocopy these pieces and, perhaps, include them in the cards we send to our nearest and dearest…In fact, at the rate I’m going (I’m behind in the Christmas Cards department), these might BE our holiday cards. I’ll also dip into and read aloud from the Pickwick Papers and Little Women to give the kids some inspiration as they work. This might very well turn into a week-long project. I’ll post the finished products right here as soon as they’re through!

Here’s the interior of today’s Shadowbox:

I downloaded an old Winnipeg Free Press headline, colourized it, and added some additional text. I placed all of my printed cutouts on top of thin strips from the Saturday news.

Here’s today’s Shadowbox from afar:

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