Advent Shadowbox: Day 7, Tree Trimming Party



2011 – 7th day
of advent – 22 days
‘til Christmas – have a tree
trimming party (hot chocolate
and cookies


It’s our first year with an artificial tree. After my own sneezing and wheezing for the last few years, my husband and I finally had a sit-down with the kids about changing up our holiday traditions in favour of an easy breathing Christmas for mama. The upshot of this is that we get to put our tree up earlier and take it down later. And, Bea got into the spirit of things by taking it upon herself to come up with a “name” for our new addition to the holiday scene.  Her first idea was “C2PChristmas Tree” (after a certain Star Wars character).  Then, this week, she decided that the tree needed a simpler name or an alter ego, as the case may be… She decided upon “Comet” for the tree’s everyday name.  The kids can’t wait to welcome “Comet (aka C2PChristmas Tree)” into our home by gussying him or her up in true holiday style! And, today’s the day! 


Last night, before I left for a fantastic holiday party at a friend’s, I was scrambling for ideas for today’s tree trimming-themed Advent Shadowbox. I had toyed with the idea of making a felt tree with little attachable felt ornaments, but I was clean out of green felt….Then, I came across a fantastic printable from [Just perform a search for “Christmas Tree” on that site.] The image presents a cut and paste project for kids, or at least the idea of a cut and paste project…:

I immediately made a colour printout of the piece. Then, I typed up our Advent Imperative in a tree shape, cut it out, and taped it on top of the tree:


Finally, I slipped the printout just below the shadowbox frame (as opposed to cutting it to fit into the depths of the shadbowbox), et voila!

A five minute Advent Shadowbox.  Thanks!!!

Tree Trimming Party, here we come!!!

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