Creepy Window Silhouettes



Creepy Window Silhouettes

Last Halloween, we wanted to make our house “spooky” for the trick-or-treaters, so we added window silhouettes to our front door and front windows. When the holiday was over, we rolled them up and stored them for future use.  We’ll be using them again this year, in different places, with the addition of a few new candidates.


Last Year’s Cat n Mouse


Black Construction Paper
A Roll of White Craft Paper (from an easel or art-table set, ours is from Ikea)
White or Light Coloured Chalk or Colored Pencil
Glue (Optional)
Measuring Tape or Ruler


Last Year’s Skelly


Measure the size of your window and  cut a sheet of white paper from your roll to fit the space.  If necessary, tape two pieces of paper together to get the size and shape you need.

Use white chalk to draw or trace a spooky shape or group of shapes on your black paper. Again, if your paper isn’t big enough to fit the image you want, tape a few pieces of paper together from their undersides to get the size and shape you need.

If you don’t want to draw a silhouette free-hand, download and print Halloween Templates from websites like Country Living and Activity Village, cut out the templates, and trace around them on your black paper. Cut your black silhouette shapes and glue them (or tape them from the undersides) onto the front of your white sheet of paper.

Hang your silhouetted sheet in the window using tape at the four corners.


Tips and Tricks

If you’re using a template (we used the Owl from Activity Village this year!), try to “spook up” the basic image by cutting out eyes, mouths, bleeding hearts, vampire teeth, etc. with scissors or an exacto knife. You might also cut a few thin curves and lines to represent contours (wings, chins, etc.)

For more template ideas, try searching Google Images, especially Tattoos! We looked for “Dragon Tattoo Images” to get a template for the elaborate dragon silhouette we made this year. (It was much easier than it looks!).

If you want to have more visibility from your windows, replace the white craft paper with clear cellophane wrapping paper. Or, you could forgo the background paper entirely and simply tape the black shapes to your windows. However, your shapes may not be visible from the street until it is quite dark outside.

Save your silhouettes for next year by rolling them up and securing them with an elastic band. Store them on the inside or wrapped around the outside of an  old empty cardboard tube from a roll of used up wrapping paper.



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