Our Yule Log Recipe Featured on Huffington Post Canada Living!

Great news! Our Yule Log Recipe, Hazelnut Bûche de Noël, was Featured on Huffington Post Canada Living as part of their sponsored feature on taking a new twist on tradition, Inventing a Holiday Dish for the Ages! Click on the screen shot below and check out all of the amazing recipes! And, be sure to join us […]

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Reinventing a Holiday Classic : Chocolate Hazelnut Bûche de Noël

Now featured on Huffington Post Canada Living During the first year of The Lunchbox Season, as part of our Daily Family Advent Calendar, I posted my family’s Classic Chocolate Bûche de Noël recipe. Each year since, the kids and I have done our best to come up with a modern twist on this holiday classic. We’ve made an amazing Cannoli Bûche de […]

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The Lunchbox Season’s Family Advent Calendar 2015 Is Coming…

It’s that time of year…..Well, almost! Put a star on it, Bumble! Our annual online Family Advent Calendar begins on Sunday, November 29, 2015. So, get ready for a super-fun activity designed for you and yours presented daily, from the start of Advent to Christmas Eve! Oh, and we’ve got a pair of special previews planned.  Thanks […]

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Homemade Personalized Stationery

‘Tis a consummation devoutly to be wished… That when your child travels far away… She will write you [and the rest of the house staff] a newsy letter. When I was about Bea’s age, perhaps a little younger, my Aunt Peg sent me a pile of ’80’s carnation pink stationery, [think Pantone Honeysuckle…It was soooo […]

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feat butter tarts

Butter Tarts Three Ways : Plain, Pecan, and Cherry Ginger

This is what I imagine I look like when I’m standing around dreaming about Butter Tarts… Plain! Mmm, with Pecans, sweetheart! Oh! With Cherries and Candied Ginger! The other day, when the kids wanted to host a Tea Party for themselves and their stuffed animals [i.e. when, sick of overprocessed Halloween junk, they wanted an excuse to […]

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Congratulations, Plenty!

Congratulations are in order for Nathalie Foy, Beth-Anne Jones, and Carol Chandran on the launch of their online magazine, Plenty, this week. After celebrating their five year anniversary as 4Mothers1Blog, these multi-talented writer-editors decided to expand their spheres of influence and of interest and change over into magazine format. Plenty is an on-line lifestyle and parenting website. […]

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A Few Repurposed Screen Time Rants and Prescriptions

Hello! And Happy November! Did you have a fab Halloween?  I thought about going as one of these guys…I mean, books. We thought we’d start out November, a rather cheeky month, by all accounts, by repurposing some good old Screen Time Rants and Prescriptions for your enjoyment! Now, you must know we’re not espousing that you get the […]

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Scary Scrabble Stories

It’s the SPOOKY installment of our Monday Game Night! This month’s game night is a two part venture. First, we’re going to play “Scary Scrabble.”  Then, we’re going to improvise stories from the words on the board. 1. Play Scary Scrabble Tonight, we’re going to play Scrabble, but we’ll award double the points for a scary/Halloween […]

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Chewy Pumpkin Cookies with Butterscotch and Chocolate Chips

Now featured on Huffington Post Canada! For the long bus ride up to her school’s camp-out, Bea wanted a nut-free, pumpkin version of the amazing cookies we made last month. So, to work we went, and came up with these beauties: Chewy Pumpkin Cookies with Butterscotch and Chocolate Chips! Fasten your seatbelts, pumpkin lovers. We’ve outdone […]

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Secret Scary Book Swap : All Hallows Read

Give a Scary Book, Share the Joy, Spread the Terror! We are in love, love, love with an amazing concept we only heard about last year: All Hallows Read. It’s a simple and beautiful project. The deal is, on Halloween, or therabouts, you give a kid a scary book or comic book – an appropriate “scary” book or […]

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The Best All Butter Pastry Crust for Pies and Butter Tarts

   If you’re spending your day making Thanksgiving pies and All-Canadian Butter Tarts, you’re probably looking for an amazing pastry crust recipe. Since we have felt so good eating clean this fall, we thought, well, if we’re going to let white flour and sugar into our holiday regime, we don’t want any shortening in there mucking up […]

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Thanksgiving Unplugged : Seven Ways to Take it Easy this Holiday

Following on the heels of our very relaxing September Unplugged, we thought we’d share with you our Fall Holiday edition… Thanksgiving Unplugged : Seven Ways to Take it Easy This Holiday 1. Follow a Magazine Menu from Start to Finish If you’re stuck for ideas or looking for something new, or if you simply want to opt […]

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Apple Picking Peking Duck 2015

Happy October 2015! It’s time to celebrate with Apple Picking Peking Duck! On Saturday, we went on our annual pilgrimage to Applewood Farm and Winery. It was quite a cold and windy day, so we had a shorter trek into the orchards to pull Spartans and Cortlands for our Thanksgiving pies and Fall lunchboxes. But, […]

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Fiery Ferments: House Made Kimchi

This is a great time of year for Napa Cabbage. With one stab at fermenting firmly under our belts [our summer pickles], this weekend, we decided we’d tackle one of our favourite fiery sides: Kimchi.  There are a bazillion Kimchi recipes out there to choose from. But, the technique is basically the same. Soak cabbage in […]

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Family Pinochle Night

Tonight is Family Pinochle Night! When the kids and I were planning our “September Unplugged,” they said that they wanted to learn a new card game. I immediately thought of Euchre, which was an amazingly popular game in my dorm in University, but which I thought I had never learned. When we got out our […]

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September Unplugged : 7 Ways to Take it Easy this Month

September Unplugged You probably thought that this was going to be a post about limiting the kids’ screen-time for the start of school, right? Or, maybe, you figured I was going to go all Puritan on you and suggest that parents turn off their cell phones and “lose” the wifi password just at the time when everybody is […]

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Fall 2015 Love to Do List

Welcome back to The Lunchbox Season!   Here’s our brand-spanking-new Fall 2015 Love to Do List! √September UNPLUGGED, √Collect Acorns & Pinecones, √Butterscotch Pecan Cookies, √International Red Panda Day, All Hallows Read, √Apple Picking & Pies, √Euchre Pinochle Night, Pumpkin Carving, Ginger Tea Party, Fall Leaf Photos, √Family Music Theory Class, √Kimchi Making, √Nuit Blanche, Roast Chestnuts, […]

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