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Inspired by … Book Lists

Inspired by … Book Lists This December, I read through several amazing lists of “Books read in 2014” and other year-end reviews by movers and shakers in my own little literary community and beyond.  I was awe-struck by Nathalie Foy and Vicki Ziegler‘s lists of books-read and favourite reads for 2014. Greg Zimmerman’s singular account of reading Jane Eyre for the […]

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Chicken Soup with Za’atar, Lemon, and Parsnips

I’ve been trying to plan our 2015 March BreACK!, which means having a look back at last year’s amazing Mediterranean week.  The thing I long for the most is the taste of our Cheese and Za’atar Manakeesh, those lovely seasoned flatbreads the kids gobble up like pizza. [Toby still won’t eat the za’atar, but Bea […]

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Feature Ices 250

Elderflower Ices and Snow Ice Cream

We’ve made a pact. This year, any time it snows, we are going to put bowls out on the back porch to collect the snow for ices and ice cream.  Our most recent triumphs have included elderflower ices or icees and a snow ice cream made with sweetened condensed milk. Here’s how we make them! Enjoy! Nourishing the Weather: […]

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Onion Soup with Lemon Thyme, Lavendar, Cognac and Piave Vecchio

You’re a lucky duck if, when you are sick in the middle of winter, your husband and children bring you two gigantic organic onions from the market. Luckier still, if you happen to have a mini-harvest of lemon thyme in your backyard planters, despite the snow. Lucky in the extreme, if you happen to have a wedge […]

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Winter 2015: Nourish

We don’t tend to make resolutions here at The Lunchbox Season, at least, not until Chinese New Year. Call it procrastination if you wish. We prefer to look on it as dwelling in the New Year properly, without resentment or rejection of the old [not to say we aren’t interested in shedding lots of thoughts […]

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Feature New Years Eve 2014

The Lunchbox Season’s Family New Year’s Eve : The Hitchcock Edition

If you knew how much I loved Hitchcock films…and, in particular, the way that Hitchcock treats both FOOD and ARTWORK in those films, you’d know how easy it was to say YES to Bea’s suggestion that we have a Hitchcock-themed New Year’s Eve Party this year. This summer, the kids got hooked on Rear Window and The […]

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Feature French Toast 2014

Holiday Brunch : The Lunchbox Season’s Panettone French Toast

You want this. You really do. The Lunchbox Season’s Panettone French Toast serves 8-12 Ingredients 1 Panettone [about 1.5-2 lb] 9 eggs 1 c cream [use half and half in a pinch] 1 c milk [we used skim] .25 c sugar 2 tsp vanilla 1-2 tbs bourbon [optional] [If you are not using a non-stick pan, […]

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Feature Dec 25 2014

Merry Christmas 2014!

Wishing You All A Very Merry Christmas 2014! Thanks for Making our 2014 Family Advent Calendar Such a Success!!! Here’s what we did this year: The Lunchbox Season’s Sweet Shop: Our Best Holiday Recipes Kick-Off Party: Stir-Up Saturday: Make a Twenty-First Century Canadian Christmas Cake 0 Sketch-It Sunday: Re-Illustrate Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole […]

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Christmas Eve Checklist and a Gingerbread Bûche de Noël

Christmas Eve Checklist Turn on the Tree Lights and Meditate! Glaze and Slice our Twenty-First Century Canadian Christmas Cake! Bake Cookies for Santa! Mass at the Cathedral! Light a Candle for a Loved One! Indulge in the Feast of the Seven Fishes! [at a Chinese restaurant] Drink Egg-Nog and Sing Carols in Front of the […]

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Feature Day 23 Advent 2014

Tonic Tuesday: Give to Forests Ontario

Tonic Tuesday Give to Forests Ontario* Today, we’ll donate to an organization that supports the health and sustainability of Ontario’s tree canopy. Who doesn’t want to breathe well and breathe easy? It’s difficult to plant trees during winter, so we’ll let Forests Ontario take of that for us. _____________ * This post has not been […]

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Feature Day 21 Advent 2014

Sketch-It Sunday: Read and Illustrate Much Ado About Nothing, Acts III-V

Sketch-It Sunday Read and Illustrate Much Ado About Nothing, Acts III-V Today we’ll read and illustrate the second half of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing.  [One could also watch or listen to the play and illustrate along.] Don’t forget to draw a “cover image” for your collection! I’ll post the finished illustrations as they become […]

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feature Day 20 Advent 2014

Stir-Up Saturday: Reverse Chip Brookie Cookies

Stir-Up Saturday Reverse Chip Brookie Cookies The kids have been dying to recreate a cookie they often choose from a local bakery – a half-chocolate white chip and half-vanilla chocolate chip cookie. Their bakery cookie of choice is just fine, but it’s a bit high on the shortening and a bit too crispy for my […]

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Feature Day 19 Advent 2014 final

Festive Friday: Fish and Chips and a Quadruple Feature!

Festive Friday Fish and Chips and a Quadruple Feature Everyone’s home from school by now. It’s time to stay up late and go to town! Tonight, we’ll pick up some fish and chips from our favourite local shop. [Although, if you’re interested in DIYing dinner, check out our Calamari and our Fries with Feta from March […]

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Feature Day 18 Advent 2014

Throw-Back Thursday: Play Holiday Floor Scramble and Christmas Clue, Revive the Holiday Shadow-Puppet Theatre and Make Butterbeer Blondies

Throw-Back Thursday Play Holiday Floor Scramble and Christmas Clue, Revive the Holiday Shadow-Puppet Theatre and Make Butterbeer Blondies Today, we are revisiting ALL of the homemade classics. We’ll be playing with our Holiday Floor  Scramble and our Christmas Clue Board Games. We’ll get out our Holiday Shadow Puppet Theatre and Christmas Shadow Puppets and improvise a […]

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Feature Day 17 Advent 2014

Write-It Wednesday: Holiday Haiku Challenge

Write-It Wednesday Holiday Haiku Challenge Haiku: a 17 syllable poem, typically written in lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables. Today, we are going to go all “twelve-days-of-Christmas” and try to write 12 holiday-inspired haiku in a hurry. Check out the prompt below for some possible topics. I’ll post the results as they become available! And, […]

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