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The Lunchbox Season's Posts of Christmas Past

Advent 2015

Family Advent Calendar 2015: Family Tree Trimming Party
Family Advent Calendar: Make Italian Lemon Knots
Family Book Exchange
Rewrite the Song of the Summer as a Holiday Carol
Create an Elaborate Christmas Colouring Page
Donate to the WWF
Design Your Own Playing Cards
Make Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter Cookies

Make Whisky Fig Cranberry Sauce and Carrot Cake Jam
Provide a Newborn Checkup via Plan Canada Gifts of Hope
Make Lichtenstein Inspired Holiday Cards
10 Picnic Beneath the Christmas Tree
11 Make Saffron Lussekatter : Santa Lucia Buns
12 Illustrate or Cartoon “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day” “Good King Wenceslas”

13 Holiday Cookie Bake Off
14 Design Holiday Gift Tags
15 Teacher Gifts : Make Dorie Greenspan’s World Peace Cookies
16 Random Act of Kindness Day
17 Visit the Toronto Christmas Market
18 Dinner and Star Wars
19 Posterize the Twelve Days of Christmas

20 Red and Green Supper : Make Bowtie Pasta

21 Give to the Daily Bread Food Bank
22 Pizza, Popcorn, Pajamas, and an Ernst Lubitsch Triple Feature
23 Illuminate or Video Shelley’s Ozymandias and Make a Chocolate Hazelnut Bûche de Noël
24 Christmas Eve Checklist

25 Merry Christmas!
A New Year’s Thin Man Movie Marathon

Advent 2014


The Lunchbox Season’s Sweet Shop: Our Best Holiday Recipes
Kick-Off Party: Stir-Up Saturday: Make a Twenty-First Century Canadian Christmas Cake
0 Sketch-It Sunday: Re-Illustrate Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas
1 Make-Ahead Monday: DIY Vanilla Extract and Simple Syrup
2 Tonic Tuesday: Adopt an Animal From the World Wildlife Fund
3 Write-It Wednesday: Compose and Perform an Original Christmas Carol
4 Throw-Back Thursday: Draw Fresh Blueprints of Santa’s Workshop and Make Our Famous Santa Baby Cookies
5 Festive Friday: Tree Trimming Party: Roast Chestnuts, Sing Carols, Make Favourite Photo Ornaments…
6 Stir-Up Saturday: Make Soft Gingerbread Crackle Cookies with Candied Ginger Bits
7 Sketch-It Sunday: Create Your Own Illustrations of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol
8 Make-Ahead Monday: DIY Massage Oil Bars, Bath Bombs, and Bath Salts
9 Tonic Tuesday: Give a Family an Endless Harvest via Plan Canada
10 Write-It Wednesday:Use a Line from ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas as the Inspiration for your own Poem or Story
11 Throw-Back Thursday: Make Picasso Santa Holiday Cards and Bake Turkish Pizza Pides
12 Festive Friday: Take Out Chinese and a Triple Feature: The Maltese Falcon, Murder My Sweet, and The Lady in the Lake
13 Stir-Up Saturday: Cherry and Pistachio Studded Short Bread Cookies
14 Sketch-It Sunday: Read and Illustrate Much Ado About Nothing, Acts I-III
15 Make-Ahead Monday: Hot Chocolate Bombs and Microwaveable Mitten Warmers
16 Tonic Tuesday: Donate to the Daily Bread Food Bank
 17 Write-It Wednesday: Holiday Haiku Challenge
18 Throw-Back Thursday: Play Holiday Floor Scramble and Christmas Clue, Revive the Holiday Shadow-Puppet Theatre, and Make Butterbeer Blondies
19 Festive Friday: Fish and Chips and a Quadruple Feature: Pimpernel Smith, Q Planes, The 49th Parallel, The Spy In Black
20 Stir-Up Saturday: Reverse Chip Brookie Cookies
21 Sketch-It Sunday: Read and Illustrate Much Ado About Nothing, Acts III-V
22 Last-Minute Monday: Make Holiday Bark for Giving: Host a Bark-Making Party for the Kids
23 Tonic Tuesday: Give Forests Ontario
24 Christmas Eve Checklist and a Gingerbread Bûche de Noël

Holiday Brunch : The Lunchbox Season’s Panettone French Toast
The Lunchbox Season’s Family New Year’s Eve : The Hitchcock Edition

Advent 2013

Easy Gingerbread Garlands for Advent from The Lunchbox Season 
Illustrate As You LIke It Act One
Family Advent Calendar 2013, Advent Eve:  Tree Trimming Party: Make Easy Gingerbread Garlands and Favourite Photo Ornaments
Family Advent Calendar, Day 1: Read & Illustrate As You Like It, Act I [Withe Some Alternate Options for the Little ones]
Give a Bear Hug! Honeycomb Sponge Toffee Cinder Toffee Hokey Pokey Recipe
Family Advent Calendar, Day 2: Give a Bear Hug! Contribute to the World Wildlife Fund
Family Advent Calendar, Day 3: Make & Eat Honeycomb and Turkish Delight

Write a Holiday Story Inspired by a fab work of art Draw Santa
Family Advent Calendar, Day 4: Write a Holiday Story Inspired by a Work of Art
Family Advent Calendar, Day 5: Make Christmas Cards! Draw Portraits of Santa in the Style of Modigliani, Kahlo, Klee & Etrog
MMG lego Christmas Building Challenges
Family Advent Calendar, Day 6: The Advent Film Festival begins with Pilsner Pretzels and a William Powell Double Bill:  My Man Godfrey & After the Thin Man
Family Advent Calendar, Day 7: Lego Christmas Party! Lego Christmas Building Challenges and Lego Christmas Cookies
Illustrate As You Like It Act Two Give Fruit Trees!
Family Advent Calendar, Day 8: 
Read & Illustrate As You Like It, Act II
Family Advent Calendar, Day 9: Give Fruit Trees! Contribute to Plan Canada!
Chewy Christmas Nougat with Pistachios and Dried Cherries percy j christmas
Family Advent Calendar, Day 10: Make and Eat Chewy Christmas Nougat [with Pistachios and Dried Cherries]
Family Advent Calendar, Day 11: A Percy Jackson Christmas? Improvise Christmas Scenes with some of your Favourite Fictional Characters
DIY Holiday Puppets and Shadow Theatre Topper and His Girl Friday
Family Advent Calendar, Day 12: Make a Shadow Puppet Theatre and Christmas Shadow Puppets
Family Advent Calendar, Day 13: Watch Topper & His Girl Friday and Make Thin Crust Pizzas
Holiday Floor Scramble from the Lunchbox Season Read and Illustrate AYLIII
Family Advent Calendar, Day 14: Make and Play Holiday Floor Scramble
Family Advent Calendar, Day 15: Read and Illustrate As You Like It, Act III
donate to the dbfb Soft Salted Caramels
Family Advent Calendar, Day 16: Fill a Pantry! Donate to the Daily Bread Food Bank
Family Advent Calendar, Day 17: Make and Eat Soft Salted Caramels
Pink lemonade jelly and gochujang pickles all dressed up for giving from The Lunchbox Season dot com
Bonus Post: Our Pink Lemonade Jelly & Gochujang Pickles All Dressed Up For Giving
It's a Carol-Off! Design Your Own Patronus My Squirrel
Family Advent Calendar, Day 18: It’s a Carol Off! Rewrite an Existing Christmas Carol or “Christmassify” a Popular Song 
Family Advent Calendar, Day 19: Harry Potter Special! Design Your Own Patronus
The More the merrier and Talk of te Town Pfeffernusse Recipe chocolate chocolate chip crinkle kringle cookies from the lunchboxseason
Family Advent Calendar, Day 20: Watch The More the Merrier & The Talk of the Town and Make Punch & Judy Cookies
Family Advent Calendar, Day 21: Christmas Cookie Party! Make Chocolate Chocolate Chip Crinkle [Kringle] Cookies, Pfeffernüsse, and Other Old Favourites
readandillustrateayl45 Encourage Deep breathing Contribute to CF
Family Advent Calendar, Day 22: Read and Illustrate As You Like it, Acts IV & V
Family Advent Calendar, Day 23: Encourage Deep Breathing, Contribute to Cystic Fibrosis Canada
Lemon Buche de Noel with Full Recipe and Instructions Yule Log Cake here we come Christmas Polaroid 2013
Family Advent Calendar, Day 24: Christmas Eve Checklikst and a Recipe for Lemon Bûche de Noël
Family Advent Calendar, Merry Christmas!

Advent 2012

adventshadowbox2012anintroduction cinnamonglitterornaments
Advent Shadowbox 2012: An Introduction:
We (re)introduce our Advent Shadowbox Calendar Tradition and include some tips for how you might create a similar tradition of your own.

Advent Shadowbox 2012: Day 1,  Have  a Tree Trimming Party, Make Cinnamon Glitter Ornaments and Favourite Photo Ornaments: We decorate our tree with our famous Favourite Photo Ornaments (an annual tradition) and we make new, fragrant Cinnamon Glitter Ornaments to add to the tree. DIY. Instructions Included.

bestfirstshakespeare Day3

Advent Shadowbox 2012: Day 2, Read & Illustrate The Winter’s Tale, Acts I-II: We introduce the kids to The Winter’s Tale by reading them a synopsis of the first two acts and then reading those acts aloud as a family. Then, we present them with notebooks and have them illustrate their favourite moments, quotations, and characters from those acts. This begins a 4-5 week, Sundays-in-Advent project.

Advent Shadowbox 2012: Day 3, Support the World Wildlife Fund: The kids help make online donations to the WWF to help their favourite wild animals continue to survive in the wild.

Day 4 Final Shadowbox hpday
Advent Shadowbox 2012: Day 4, Draw Blue-Prints of the House for Santa:
The kids have fun looking at the official city survey of our home and draw imaginative blue-prints of our home to include in their letters to Santa.

Advent Shadowbox 2012: Day 5, Write & Perform Harry Potter Themed Christmas Carols & Make Butter Beer Blondies: Not only do the 12 Days of Christmas take on new meaning as “The 12 Days of Hogwarts,” we’ve come up with one of our best ever recipes to celebrate the occasion: Butter-Beer Blondies! Song Lyrics & Recipe Included.

CLUESTYLEGAMEDIY Kringle Corn Advent Recipe
Advent Shadowbox 2012: Day 6, Create Your Own Christmas-Themed “Clue”-Style Board Game
Best day so far!! We make a Christmas-Themed Mystery Board Game based on one of our favourite board games. And then we spend hours playing with it!  DIY & Instructions Included.

Advent Shadowbox 2012: Day 7, Begin our Friday Holiday Film Fest with an Unusual Double Feature & Make Kringle Corn: We start off our Friday Film Fest with a Double Feature of some wacky holiday movies: Gremlins & Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. Crazy! And to go with the films, we make a snack mix now lovingly known as “Kringle Corn.” Recipe Included.

holidaycanning&Test-cookie party day9final
Advent Shadowbox 2012: Day 8, Holiday Canning & Test-Cookie Party, Kid-Friendly Thumbprint Cookies, Carrot Cake Jam & Cranberry Sauce
A banner baking and canning day! We make several batches of our famous Carrot Cake Jam, Whisky Fig Cranberry Sauce, and Thumbprint Cookies to fill with our fabulous concoctions! Recipes & DIY Included.

Advent Shadowbox 2012: Day 9, Read & Illustrate The Winter’s Tale, Acts II-III:  We continue reading The Winter’s Tale, illustrating our favourite scenes, including those famous stage directions, “Exit, Pursued by a Bear!”

day10 day11
Advent Shadowbox 2012: Day 10, Give a Beehive
Via PlanCanada, we donate a beehive and lessons on how to use it, to a family abroad.

Advent Shadowbox 2012: Day 11, Make a Christmas Collage Post-Card, Write a Memory Poem on the Back, & Send it to a Friend: The kids get to work creating collages out of vintage christmas media, write short poems on the backs and mail them out. DIY. Instructions Included.

day12 day13
Advent Shadowbox 2012: Day 12, Improvise a One-Act, Christmas-Themed Hunger Games Play:
The kids love to improvise and play-act, so we decided to challenge them to come up with a Christmas-themed number and to perform it before bed.

Advent Shadowbox 2012: Day 13, Learn “Who” to Knit, Begin a Family/Welcome-Guest Scarf Project: The kids learn a basic knit & purl, and we begin a long, long, long, long, long, Dr. Who-Style scarf project to leave around the house for guests to add to when they visit.

holidayday day 15
Advent Shadowbox 2012: Day 14, Watch Holiday (1938) and Make Prof. Potter’s “Hidden Whallop” Punch & Judy Cookies:  
The Fridays-in-Advent Film Festival Continues as we introduce the kids to one of our favourite movies. We watch Grant & Hepburn in George Cukor’s Holiday (1938). We came up with a very special cookie just for the occasion! Toblerone-stuffed sugar “Punch & Judy” Cookies. Recipe Included.

Advent Shadowbox 2012: Day 15, Gingerbread Party, Design, Build, Decorate:  The kids spend a bit of time designing an ideal gingerbread house before we have a gingerbread house decorating party with friends.

Day16Final FillaPantry Day 17
Advent Shadowbox 2012: Day 16, Read & Illustrate The Winter’s Tale, Act IV: 
We continue our project of illustrating Shakespeare’s play in our special notebooks.

Advent Shadowbox 2012: Day 17, Fill a Pantry:  We give to the Daily Bread Food Bank.

Make Silhouettes day 18
How to Make Silhouettes from Digital Photos Using Free Online Photo-Editing Tools & a Printer/Scanner:
A step-by-step guide to making classic silhouettes from photos you can take on your own digital camera or phone using free online tools like and a printer/scanner. DIY. Instructions Included.

Advent Shadowbox 2012: Day 18, Make Silhouette Self-Portrait Cards & Send Them to Family & Friends:  We have a fantastic time making silhouettes from photos of the kids, colouring them in with images and phrases that most-represent the kids, and scanning them, and sending them to family and friends. DIY. Instructions Included.

day 19 day20
Advent Shadowbox 2012: Day 19, Pre-Christmas-Concert Pizza Party with Quick & Easy Individual Thin Crust Pizzas
For a busy night, we make our new favourite home-made pizzas. Recipe Included.

Advent Shadowbox 2012: Day 20, Make a Deck of Constellation Cards: We make a deck of cards with patterns of the constellations punched out so that you can hold them up to the light and see the constellation shine through or create shadows-and-light shows of the constellations against a table, book, or wall. DIY. Printable Constellation Patterns Included.

day 21 Cannoli Buche de Noel Recipe
Advent Shadowbox 2012: Day 21, Order Fish & Chips and Watch The Bishop’s Wife: 
We watch a holiday movie we’ve never seen before and indulge in home delivered fish & chips.

Cannoli Buche de Noel:  Our new twist on a classic. Chocolate (or Vanilla) Cake with Rum Syrup, Cannoli Filling, and (Chocolate) Mascarpone Icing. Recipes Included.

pmpajamapartywcookierecipes Day23
Advent Shadowbox 2012: Day 22, P.M. Pajama Party – Make Cookies for Santa:  
We make our famous Cookie Meteors & Santa Baby Cookies. Recipes Included.

Advent Shadowbox 2012: Day 23: Read & Illustrate The Winter’s Tale, Act V:  We finish our play and provide illustrations for the final Act as well as “book cover” illustrations!

day24 MerryChristmasfromthelunchboxseasondotcom
Advent Shadowbox 2012: Christmas Eve Checklist:
Our TBD’s before Santa arrives!!

Advent Shadowbox 2012: Merry Christmas

Day30 lordpeterwimseyparty
Perform & Record The Winter’s Tale (with bears and stuffies):
 The kids play out the basic story of our Shakespeare play using their favourite animals.

Lord Peter Wimsey’s Case Crackin’ New Years Eve Party:  A menu and a movie list for another mystery-themed New Year’s Eve fete!

Advent 2011

  shadowbox2011 chocolate chip toffee bit cookies 
Advent Calendar 2011: A Shadowbox Spectacular:  An Introduction to the Project
Advent Shadowbox: Day 1, Baking Cookies: Test-Cookies for Santa’s Plate – Chewy Chocolate Chip Toffee Bit Cookies.
dailybread write a letter
Advent Shadowbox: Day 2, Daily Bread Food Bank: Our first “Giving Day,” Making Contributions to the Daily Bread Food Bank in two ways.
Advent Shadowbox: Day 3, Letter to a Friend: Write a letter to a  friend.
diywreath gratitude ornaments
Advent Shadowbox: Day 4, A Birdseed Wreath: Feed the Birds! A DIY Birdseed Wreath.Advent Shadowbox: Day 5, Gratitude Ornaments: Making glass ornaments with strips of paper detailing our “grateful for’s.” pancakessyrupandaclassicfilm treetrimmingparty
Advent Shadowbox: Day 6, Pancakes, Syrup, and a Classic Film:
 Traditional Friday Pancakes and a screening of A Night at the Opera Advent Shadowbox: Day 7, Tree Trimming PartyToday’s the day for our tree-trimming party! A free Christmas Printable to the rescue…favephotoornaments IMG_5249Handmade Holidays: Favourite Photo Ornaments: Our annual photo ornaments made easy.

Advent Shadowbox: Day 8, Gingerbread House:  We used a german stamp and m&m’s to announce our activities today – reading Dahl’s version of “Hansel and Gretel” and constructing and decorating a gingerbread house!

St. Vin familynewspaper
Advent Shadowbox: Day 9, St. Vincent de Paul Baskets
Bringing Gift Cards for the Family Christmas Baskets at School.

Advent Shadowbox: Day 10, Kids’ Newspapers: Making “a-year-in-the-life” newspapers with the kids’ top ten lists, comic strips, advertisements and “special interest” stories.

workshop afternoonsundaebar 

Advent Shadowbox: Day 11, Imagining Santa’s Workshop: Using Jean de Brunhoff’s Babar books as inspiration, the kids draw their own pictures of Santa’s Workshop.

Advent Shadowbox: Day 12, Afternoon Sundae Bar: Chopping Peppermint Candies and Loading them onto Ice Cream Sundaes!

movie lego mindfulness  Imperative
Advent Shadowbox: Day 13, Movie, Lego, Mindfulness
: Asking the children to identify “The Christmas Spirit” during their movie date and lego-building contest.

Advent Shadowbox: Day 14, Salt Dough Ornaments: Making ornaments out from 3 basic ingredients: Water, Flour, and Salt.

 christmas jars treeplanted
Advent Shadowbox: Day 15, “Christmassify” Your Jars, or Glam Cans Lab 2
: Applying canning labels to all of the jams, jellies, and preserves we made during our Summer of Funner and decorating the cans to give as teacher gifts.

Advent Shadowbox: Day 16, Have a Tree Planted: Via we will donate to Trees Ontario in memory of the loved ones we have lost.

christamscrackups  make clove oranges
Advent Shadowbox: Day 17, Christmas Crack-ups
: Writing Festive Knock-Knock Jokes.

Advent Shadowbox: Day 18, Make Clove Oranges: We plunge cloves into oranges in festive patterns and letter shapes!

design your own misfit  Festive hotohtot

Advent Shadowbox: Day 19, Rudolph Festival (Design Your Own “Misfit Toy“: The kids watch Rudolph, eat snacks, and brainstorm and draw their own “Misfit Toys.”

Advent Shadowbox: Day 20, Festive After-School Spa: Santa Beards, Elf-Hairdos, Christmas Tattoos, the works!!

Advent Shadowbox: Day 21, Carol Hootenanny: Write and Perform Christmas Carols!

Trim Another library collage Sing Carols

Advent Shadowbox: Day 22, Trim Another Tree: Decorate the tree at the Grandparents’ House!

Advent Shadowbox: Day 23, Library-in-a-Box for Haiti via Send a “Library in a Box” to children in Haiti via

Advent Shadowbox: Day 24, Carols to and from the Concert: Sing Christmas Carols to and from this afternoon’s Christmas Concert.

great lakes hand doggiebiscuits

Handmade Holidays: Great Lakes Handkerchiefs: DIY Embroidered Handkerchiefs.

Advent Shadowbox: Day 25, Elvis Dog and Reindeer Cookies: Making Biscuits to lure the Reindeer and to keep the dog quiet once they get here.

Handmade Holidays: Bookplates for Children
: How to make your own bookplates for the kids’ books.

make cookie! bucherrrrr tintinallons2

Advent Shadowbox: Day 26, Santa Baby Cookies: A favourite recipe.

Homebaked Holidays: Bûche de Noël : An easy recipe for a Christmas favourite.

Advent Shadowbox: Day 27, Allons au cinema
: We go to see the new (excellent) Tintin movie.

checklistsquid Super Duper Christmas NYEcollage

Advent Shadowbox: Christmas Eve Checklist : Cookie baking, Feasting, and more….

Advent Shadowbox: Merry Christmas

Last Minute New Years Eve: Sherlock Holmes Party and DIY Detective Kits: We have a Sherlock Holmes Film Festival, and the kids are surprised with homemade Detective Kits packaged in a shiny New Year’s Hat.


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