Oh Beautiful Laundrette : Our New Laundry Machines and Free Laundry Room Printables

Remember how I was talking about our dire need for new laundry machines in my Mother’s Day post a while back? Well, over the summer, our washing machine went totally haywire. We decided that we needed a replacement, pronto. And since a buddy of ours was in dire need of a dryer, we decided to give her ours and replace that, too. The only problem: we have a very narrow entrance to our laundry-room-slash-artist’s-studio, and the side entrance down to the basement is also insanely narrow. So, we had to be careful about measuring and choosing the perfect machines.

Enter my awesome friends Dani & Matt, who had just purchased a fantastic laundry duo from Home Depot Canada a few months previous. And, wouldn’t you know it, the machines they already loved and recommended were just the right size for our tight space! They also mentioned that the store had some fantastic no-interest payment options. So we headed on over to the Home Depot to check them out. [Oh, and since we know the Home Depot offers a price match guarantee on appliances, we found the lowest price we could find on the models we were looking for on a local competitor’s website, and we printed out the pages and prices to bring along with us.]

Our experience at the Home Depot at Gerrard Square here in Toronto was smooth sailing. First off, or salesperson Debra D. was knowledgeable and resourceful. She showed us the models we were interested in as well as other comparably sized and priced models. And, she encouraged us to take our time making our decision, assuring us that they were always strong sales and promotions at the store. [We certainly appreciated this no-push approach!] So, we settled on the models we had gone in looking for and decided to place our order that day. And, showing her the price pages we’d printed out from the competitor’s website, Debra was able to give us 10% off of the competitor’s lower price as our final cost for the machines! We also took advantage of a promotion for no-interest for 18-months if we put the purchase on our Home-Depot card.* So, we put our lower-than-the-competitor’s-price purchase on the card and, well, pretty much danced a jig.  

Here’s the Amazing laundry pair we picked up at the Home Depot: the LG Washer [WT1501CW]  and Matching Dryer [DLE1501W]

lgwasherfrom-home-depot lg-dryer-from-home-depot

Delivery was a breeze! And, after a few months of use, I can say, without reservation, that this is an amazing pair. My favourite part? LG has given these machines an ice-cream-truck style electronic jingle that plays when the machines have completed their tasks [and when you pass the dryer-vent performance test]! I can’t even talk about all of the other bells and whistles [and there are plenty!], because, well, these “done” bells are the most satisfying bells ever….

In fact, I’m so enamoured of these machines that I made a set of “Laundry Rules” sheets to print and frame and place near them. This has been great for us, as we’ve started having the kids do their own laundry this fall! 

the-lunchbox-seasons-laundry-house-rules-for-all-machines-free-printable-please-do-not-pass-off-as-your-own the-lunchbox-seasons-laundry-signs-free-printable-please-do-not-pass-off-as-your-own the-lunchbox-seasons-laundry-house-rules-for-top-loader-high-efficiency-machines-free-printable-please-do-not-pass-off-as-your-own

Feel free to copy the images above or print out the following PDFs for yourselves! [Just don’t claim them as your own or try to sell them for profit!]

PDFs: Laundry Signs : Laundry House Rules Universal : Laundry House Rules for Top Loader High Efficiency

That’s Right! Free Printables!


*Folks, the one thing to remember with no-interest promotions on cards like the one from Home Depot is that you need to make absolutely sure you PAY THE BALANCE IN FULL DOWN TO THE LAST PENNY on the promotional balance on your card BEFORE the promotional period is up, or else you pay interest on the entire starting balance that would have accrued for the WHOLE 18 months of the promotion. So, if you put your purchase on the card on a promo deal, pay your bills on time and mark your calendars! And, try to pay it off in fewer months than the period given, if not right away! If you have other purchases going on your card, go ahead and call the customer service agents, too, and make sure the payments you DO make go to the promotional portion of your balance. This should be easy to keep track of, however! I put several reminder alerts in our calendars to be sure we kept on track of our financing! The no-interest option, though, is soooo worth the effort! 

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