The 10 Best Ways to Entertain Flat Stanley [in Style]

The Ten Best Ways to Entertain Flat Stanley in Style
We recently entertained a Flat Stanley from Illinois at our home here in Toronto. We had a great time, and we’re hoping that his buddy Martin and the rest of his class will be happy with the results!

Here are our 10 Best Ways to Entertain Flat Stanley in Style

1. Take extraORDINARY Pictures
In the age of the “selfie” and the “photobomb,” when you have Flat Stanley around, even the “ordinary” becomes “extraordinary.” Take pictures of him helping the kids make their favourite recipe, participating in the drop-off at school, spending a day in class, figuring out the toughest parts of the homework, walking the dog, hanging out in the neighbourhood with the locals, or settling into bed with the rest of the gang.  [We ended up getting some great shots of Stanley when our streetcar operator let him “drive” the car and when our local Tim Horton’s delivery driver let Stanley help unload the coffee cups!]
Stanley helps out at Tim Hortons, TAKE extraORDINARY PICTURES, from the 10 best ways to entertain Flat Stanley Piloting a Streetcar, TAKE extraORDINARY PHOTOS, from the 10 Best Ways to Entertain Flat Stanley

2. Play Tourist in Your Own City
Stanley provides the perfect opportunity to try something in the city you’ve never tried before. Take Stanley to one extraordinary place you’ve never been before or renew that gallery membership you’ve been putting off! Bring him to the local haunts or “tourist traps” you tend to avoid because they are crowded or “tacky” and take funny pictures with him. [We had a great time revisiting the dinosaurs at the Royal Ontario Museum. And, we got a great shot of our visiting Stanley “wearing” Toronto City Hall as a hat.]
Stanley with the Dinos, PLAY TOURIST IN YOUR OWN CITY, from the 10 best ways to entertain Flat Stanley Wearing City Hall as a Hat, PLAY TOURIST IN YOUR OWN CITY, from the 10 Best Ways to Entertain Flat Stanley

3. Stay in Touch with Stanley’s Owner or Buddy
From an “Arrived Safely” notice to a “Having my Farewell Dinner!” announcement, why not have “Stanley” send postcards or emails to the child who sent him to you or to the child’s class? [We sent a couple of postcards with cool stamps! Who doesn’t love getting actual mail?]
Stay in Touch with Stanley's Owner, From the 10 Best Ways to Entertain Flat Stanley (in Style)

4. Send Souvenirs to Stanley’s Owner or Buddy
Send Stanley’s owner a couple of special trinkets from your city straight to his or her house. Say Stanley picked them out. A small bit of candy, a memento from a museum, a special keychain, or an activity book about your city all work wonders here. [We sent our selection of maple candies, dinosaur erasers, some Canada stickers, pins, patches, and a Canada activity book.]
Send Souvenirs to Stanley's Owner, from the 10 Best Ways to Entertain Flat Stanley (in Style)

5. Send Mementos to Stanley’s Class
When you return Stanley in the mail, send Stanley’s class some cheap and cheerful souvenirs of your city. Pencils, patches, stickers and tattoos are all great, cost-effective ideas. A map of the country, city, or local transit system also makes a great study tool. You can find free maps at tourist kiosks, transit systems, and car-rental agencies, or you can download one and print it out yourself.  You can also just google your city’s name and “colouring pages” and print some out or send the teacher a link so that he or she can do the same.
Send Mementos to Stanley's Class, from the 10 Best Ways to Entertain Flat Stanley (in Style)

6. Dress Stanley Up for the Return Trip [By Making Him a Tourist T-Shirt]
Make Stanley a “Paper-Doll” style outfit that reflects your city or culture. First, in pencil, trace Stanley “face up” on a piece of plain or paper. Then, have the kids use this outline as a base on which to “draw” an outfit that will fit Stanley’s physique.  Draw “tabs” along the edges of this outfit that can be bent around the back of Stanley’s body. Cut the outfit out, making sure to include the tabs, fitting it to Stanley’s body, and trimming the paper where need be.   Erase extraneous pencil marks and decorate the outfit with markers. Dress Stanley in the outfit before you send him back to his owner or class.  [Although we were tempted to make a Mountie outfit, our Stanley got a basic Canada T-shirt.]
Make a Tourist T Shirt for Flat Stanley, from the 10 Best Ways to Entertain Flat Stanley in Style

7. Include a Photo Album or Scrapbook
Send back a few photos or make a photo album with captions or notes about Stanley’s trip.  [At the dollar store, we found a Canada souvenir photo wallet with cardboard covers and 12 additional slots for pictures. We used some photo editing software to print captions right on our photos, and then we printed these out and inserted them into the plastic photo wallet. We also mounted a pic of Stanley on the front cover to personalize the album.]
Include a Photo Album, We transformed this $1 Tourist Photo Wallet into Flat Stanley's Photo Album, from the 10 Best Ways to Entertain Flat Stanley In Style

8. Make Stanley’s Top Ten List[s] for Your City
Write a Diary entry or Make a Page of Highlights of Stanley’s “Top Ten” things to see and do in your city. Feel free to include “things Stanley wants to try next time” as a part of this list.
Flat Stanley's Toronto Top Ten, the 10 Best Ways to Entertain Flat Stanley in Style

9. Create and Post a YouTube Video of Flat Stanley’s Trip
Make a Video with your Digital Photos, add Captions, and a Soundtrack of upbeat, kid-friendly music, and post it on Youtube. Send a Public or Private Link to Stanley’s Owner’s Parents or to His Class so that they can watch it together.  [We used iMovie to create ours. See our video just below #10 or try this link!]

10. Follow Up with Stanley
Send Stanley something he forgot at your place, or mail him a thank you card for the visit. Invite him back, and tell him to bring his owner, his family, or his whole class along!  Or, next time you go on a trip, send Stanley and his friends a “wish you were here” post-card of your own.

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7 Responses to The 10 Best Ways to Entertain Flat Stanley [in Style]

  1. Pam November 12, 2016 at 8:44 am #

    Thanks so much for posting this. I just received a Flat Stanley and wasn’t sure where to start. Your ideas are great!

    • November 12, 2016 at 4:06 pm #

      I’m so glad you liked it! You are mighty welcome!

  2. Windy December 20, 2016 at 8:17 am #

    Thank You! We love Flat Stanley at our house and he comes to visit often. We live in Charlotte, NC and my niece, Charlotte, just sent us hers. We are going to spend a day in the Queen city named after her! We like to make him a wardrobe for his visit that fits our climate when he comes to visit. Love your idea of the public transportation and following up with something he forgot. I am TOTALLY adding that to our Flat Stanley tradition!

    • December 20, 2016 at 11:57 am #

      THIS IS SO COOL WINDY! Wardrobe is essential! 🙂

  3. Jackie February 5, 2017 at 1:50 am #

    Thanks for the great ideas! I’ve always wanted him to come visit and now he finally is! Although he hasn’t arrived yet, I sent the class telling them how I was waiting for him to come and that he will get to eat on the Special Plate his first night. I also sent Oreos because our family loves them!

    • February 13, 2017 at 9:27 pm #

      Fantastic! I love the idea of the oreos!

  4. Colleen Shimkoski April 13, 2018 at 12:20 am #

    My granddaughter and Mrs. Wenzel’s class sent Flat Stanley to our farm here in Massachusetts. I sent back the “original” and cute journal, but I was so smitten with the little fella, I couldn’t let him go! I write a DAILY eBook blog for our granddaughter and Mrs. Wenzel’s class. It’s a fun (and sometimes educational) little daily storybook. 😋😊 We love Flat Stanley!