March breACK! 2014: Make a Blue-Print of a Pirate Ship!

Make a Blue-Print of a Pirate Ship! Pirate Party Idea
Today, in our Play of Bearicles, the kids read about a Pirate Ship along the coast of Tarsus [Turkey].  After their reading, Papa had the kids sit down with some coloured pencils, pens, markers and rulers, and a couple of blank white sheets of paper.  Why? Well, we thought it was time for the kids to draw the layout and design of their own pirate ships! We couldn’t believe some of the things they came up with! Prison cells, “Patch” and “Peg-Leg” Rooms, Parrot Rooms, the works!  After they finished, we took photos of the images and used the duo-tone feature of our favourite free online photo editing tool, ipiccy, to transform them into true Pirate Ship Blue-Prints!

We’re old hands when it comes to making blue prints!  For one of our daily advent activities in 2011, the kids drew a schematic map of Santa’s workshop! Then, the next year, they drew a blueprint of our house for Santa to follow [in case he got confused].   To further inspire them, Papa showed the kids a scene from Wes Anderson’s film, The Life Aquatic, in which we see a small model of the ship in the story.   This really got them going!

Below, you’ll find the results…
At some point in the next little while, they’ll build those ships in 3-D form, out of Lego, too!

Bea's Blue Print of a Pirate Ship - Blue-Print Version Bea's Blue-Print of a Pirate Ship - Colour Version
Toby's blue-print of a pirate ship - blue-print version Toby's Blue-Print of a Pirate Ship - Colour Version

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